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1. Negative Campaigning on Social Media Sites: A Quantitative Analysis of the 2019 Austrian National Council Election Campaign

2. The Current Position of the Foreign terrorist Fighters in the Republic of North Macedonia

3. The COVID-19 Mobility Impacts ion the Migration Flow in South-East Europe: The Situation in 2021 and Before 1989

4. Public Policy: An Amorphous Concept in the Enforcement of Arbitral Awards

5. Access to Justice in the Time of Pandemic: Functioning of Legal Forms in North Macedonia

6. Digital Services as a Tool for Creating Competitive Advantage in the Banking Sector in North Macedonia

7. Legal Positivism: AN Obstacle in the Process of Strengthening the Rule of Law in Bosnia and Herzegovina

8. The Impact of Globalization and the Interconnectedness with the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement Between Canada and the European Union

9. Global Health Governance Post COVID-19: Time for a Hierarchical Order?

10. The Security Challenges of European Demographics and Politics Caused by the Modern Migration Crisis

11. Lgitimisation of Autocracy in Turkey and Russia through the Review of the Constitution

12. South Africa's Migration Dynamics: From Segregation to Integration

13. Genderizing of the Participation in the Decision-Making Process: The Electoral Quota and Female Leadership in Albania

14. Georgian Ethnopolitical Conflicts as a Subject of Confrontation between the USA and Russia

15. Minority Rights in Central Asia: Insights From Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan

16. Refouling Rohingyas: The Supreme Court of India's Uneasy Engagement with International Law

17. The Role of the Judiciary in Recognizing and Implementing International Law: A Comparative Analysis with Special Reference to Sri Lanka

18. The European Union and Brexit: Analysis from the Perspective of the Visegrad Group of Countries

19. Execution of Imprisonment Sentenced by Judgment of the International Criminal Court

20. The Importance of Financial Education for the Bank CLient's Protection in Kosovo

21. Analyzing the Variables that Influence Access to Bank Financing for Small and Medium Enterprises in Kosovo and North Macedonia

22. #MeToo and US Politics: Analyzing the Twitter Conversation

23. Scope of Media Advocacy During COVID-19: A Selected Case Study in Kolkata

24. The Intercultural Communication and Community Participation in Local Governance: The Case of North Macedonia and Kosovo

25. Challenges and Difficulties for Micro-Business in Adapting IFRS for SMES Requirements: Kosovo Evidence

26. The Leadership Requirement of the Crime of Aggression Under the Rome Statue of the International Criminal Court

27. Migrants and the Proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons in Third World Countries: A Study of North-Eastern Nigeria Since 1999

28. The Role of Media in Peacebuilding in Iraq after ISIS

29. Enforcement of the European Union Law Before the Albanian Constitutional Court and the High Court

30. The Concept of Justice in Reference with Philosophies of Plato and Aristotle: A Critical Study

31. Anonymity and Openness in Gamete Donation: The Russian Policy on the Third-Party Reproduction

32. China-India New Intricacies: Rivalry and Cooperation in a New Changing Global Context

33. Albania-Greece Sea Issue Through the History Facts and the Future of Conflict Resolution

34. A Prudential Personalist Ethical Appraisal of Human Cloning

35. The Nature of the Engagement of the United States in the Syrian Crisis: A Thematic Analysis

36. Russia and COVID-19: Russian Adaptive Authoritarianism During the Pandemic

37. Egypt-Turkey Relations Towards Libya: Political and Economic Dimensions

38. China's Belt and Road Initiative and Georgia: A Short Overview

39. The Escalation of Conflict Between Armenians and Azerbaijanis and the Problems of Peaceful Resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh War

40. Vietnam and India’s Approach to the Indo-Pacific Region: Implication for Bilateral Relation Promotion

41. Immigrant Players in the National Football Team of Germany and the Question of National Identity

42. Energy and Geo-Economics: Evidence Underpinning Russian Intervention in Syria

43. Evolutionary Possibilities of Democratization and Atavistic Nationalism: A Comparative Study of Unrecognized States