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1. An International Perspective on Observing US Elections

2. Stemming the Flow: The United States Needs a Strategy to Address China’s Strategic Exportation of Digital Authoritarianism

3. What Can FEMA Learn from the Historic 2017 Hurricane and Wildfire Seasons?

4. Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan: Positive Evolution or More of the Same?

5. Alcohol Policies in Australia: Indigenous Activism and International Blueprints

6. A New Type of Threat: Russia, China and Digital Authoritarianism in West Africa

7. Turkey-Greece Relations: Growing Tensions and Implications for Transatlantic Relations

8. High Expectations: Chile’s Path Toward a New Constitution

9. New ESG Practices in China and its Implications for Foreign Actors

10. The Lungs of the Earth: Shifting a Metaphor from Superstition to Science

11. The Modern Aim and Growth of the Brazilian Defense Industry

12. Japan and South Korea Can Lead Post-Pandemic East Asia

13. Melting and Mining in Greenland: Understanding Arctic Climate Change Through Dialogue with Locals

14. US-Iranian Relations Remain on Track for Escalation

15. State Authority Restoration in the Central African Republic: The Striking Gap Between Its Past, Its Potential, and People’s Expectations

16. Peace in Northern Ireland: A Model for Ending Wars?

17. Epidemics and Pandemics as Transnational Issues: The Challenge of the Novel Coronavirus

18. Indigenous Elder Societies as Leaders for Global Protected Areas Governance

19. NGOs, IGOs and International Law: Gaining Credibility and Legitimacy through Lobbying and Results