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21. Fostering Europe’s Strategic Autonomy - A question of purpose and action

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26. EU law in the time of COVID-19

27. An ethical framework for think tanks: Easier drafted than done?

28. What role for health in the new Commission?

29. The divided continent: Understanding Europe’s social landscape in 2020 and beyond

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32. Setting the bounds of the European Union

33. The circular economy: Going digital

34. COVID-19: Lessons from the ‘euro crisis’

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36. European and African perspectives on asylum and migration policy. Seeking common ground

37. Europe’s path to strategic recovery: Brace, empower and engage

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44. From reaction to action: How the EU can step up its role in global pandemics

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46. Financing social investment for an economy of well-being: Moving from good practices to a paradigm shift

47. Strategic autonomy for European choices: The key to Europe's shaping power

48. Preparing the armed forces for disruptive technological changes

49. Guns and glory: Criminality, imprisonment and jihadist extremism in Europe

50. Diminishing safeguards, increasing returns: Non-refoulement gaps in the EU return and readmission system