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1. Gender Digital Equality Across ASEAN

2. The Link Between Global Value Chain Activity and Local Human Capital: Evidence from Indonesia’s Manufacturing Sector

3. Getting to Grade 10 in Viet Nam: Challenges from Deprivation, Discrimination, and a Booming Job Market

4. Birth Order, Sibling Sex Composition, and Quantity–Quality Trade-offs – Evidence from India

5. Fuelling the Engines of Liberation with Cleaner Cooking Fuel

6. Understanding Quality Energy-Related Infrastructure Development in the Mekong Subregion: Key Drivers and Policy Implications

7. The Impact of COVID-19 on Global Production Networks: Evidence from Japanese Multinational Firms

8. Demand and Supply Shocks of COVID-19 and International Production Networks: Evidence from Japan’s Machinery Trade

9. Demand and Supply Shocks of COVID-19 and International Production Networks: Evidence from Japan’s Machinery Trade

10. Demand and Supply Shocks of COVID-19 and International Production Networks: Evidence from Japan’s Machinery Trade

11. The COVID-19 Pandemic and the World Trade Network

12. How Is the Asian Economy Recovering from the COVID-19 Pandemic? Evidence from the Emissions of Air Pollutants

13. The COVID-19 Pandemic, Air Transport Perturbation, and Sector Impacts in ASEAN Plus Five: A Multiregional Input–Output Inoperability Analysis

14. COVID-19 and Services Trade in ASEAN+6: Implications and Estimates from Structural Gravity

15. The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Global Production Sharing in East Asia

16. COVID-19 and Socio-Economic Inequalities in Indonesia: A Subnational-level Analysis

17. Facilitating Trade in Pharmaceuticals: A Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

18. Could the COVID-19 Crisis Affect Remittances and Labour Supply in ASEAN Economies? Macroeconomic Conjectures Based on the SARS Epidemic

19. Financial Market Responses to Government COVID-19 Pandemic Interventions: Empirical Evidence from South-East and East Asia

20. How ASEAN Can Improve Its Response to the Economic Crisis Generated by the COVID-19 Pandemic: Inputs drawn from a comparative analysis of the ASEAN and EU responses

21. East Asian Production Networks Amidst the COVID-19 Shock

22. A ‘She-session’? The Impact of COVID-19 on the Labour Market in Thailand

23. COVID-19 Tourism Recovery in the ASEAN and East Asia Region: Asymmetric Patterns and Implications

24. How Do Sectoral Employment Structures Affect Mobility during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

25. The Effect of Non-Tariff Measures on Global Value Chain Participation

26. The Effects of SPSs and TBTs on Innovation: Evidence from Exporting Firms in Viet Nam

27. Potential for India’s Entry into Factory Asia: Some Casual Findings from International Trade Data

28. Tracking the Ups and Downs in Indonesia’s Economic Activity During COVID-19 Using Mobility Index: Evidence from Provinces in Java and Bali

29. Is the COVID-19 Pandemic Recasting Global Value Chains in East Asia?

30. Economic and Emission Impact of Australia–China Trade Disruption: Implication for Regional Economic Integration

31. East Asian Integration and Its Main Challenge: NTMs in Australia, China, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, and New Zealand

32. Impacts of COVID-19 on the Energy Demand Situation of East Asia Summit Countries

33. Feeling the Pulse of Global Value Chains: Air Cargo and COVID-19

34. Exploring Digital Economic Agreements to Promote Digital Connectivity in ASEAN

35. Domestic Tourism as a Pathway to Revive the Tourism Industry and Business Post the COVID-19 Pandemic

36. Technical Barriers to Trade and the Performance of Indian Exporters

37. Effective Rates of Protection in a World With Non-Tariff Measures and Supply Chains: Evidence from ASEAN

38. Reconciling Tax and Trade Rules in the Digitalised Economy: Challenges for ASEAN and East Asia

39. The EU–China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment: Lessons Learnt for Indonesia

40. A Firm-level Analysis of the Impact of the Coronavirus Outbreak in ASEAN

41. Central Banks' Responses to COVID-19 in ASEAN Economies

42. COVID-19 and Regional Solutions for Mitigating the Risk of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Finance in ASEAN Member States

43. Aviation Market Development in the New Normal Post the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Analysis of Air Connectivity and Business Travel

44. COVID-19, Air Transportation, and International Trade in the ASEAN+5 Region

45. The Trade Restrictiveness Index and Its Impact on Trade Performance in Selected East Asian Countries

46. Regulatory Distance, Margins of Trade, and Regional Integration: The Case of the ASEAN+5

47. The Global Economic Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Second Wave and Policy Implications

48. Identifying the Impact of Supply Chain Disruption Caused by COVID-19 on Manufacturing Production in Japan

49. Policy Strategies to Strengthen the Travel and Tourism Sectors from the COVID-19 Pandemic Shocks: A Computable General Equilibrium Model for the Indonesian Economy

50. Robustness and Resilience of Supply Chains During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Findings from a Questionnaire Survey on the Supply Chain Links of Firms in ASEAN and India

51. Education for All? Assessing the Impact of Socio-economic Disparity on Learning Engagement During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

52. Spillover Effects of Social and Economic Interactions on COVID-19 Pandemic Vulnerability Across Indonesia’s Regions

53. China's Ties with Southeast Asia : From Green Shoots to Sustained Recovery