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1. Russian Grand Strategy and how to handle it

2. Renewable Energy Communities in the European Energy Policy: An Evidence of Clean Energy For All Europeans, Not By All

3. From one master of survival to another: a tardigrade’s plea for NATO2030

4. For a New NATO-EU Bargain

5. Expanding the Reach of the Special Forces with a Gender-Mixed Deep Development Capability (DDC): Identifying Challenges and Lessons Learned

6. TINA for Putin – Or is there an alternative?

7. The EU-MENA Partnership: Time for a Reset

8. Breaking the Law of Opposite Effects: Europe’s Strategic Autonomy and the Revived Transatlantic Partnership

9. Towards cutting-edge European humanitarian leadership

10. The EU and Russia: A New Foreign Policy for the “Carcass”?

11. Toward a meaningful metric: replacing NATO’s 2% defence spending target

12. EU and NATO Strategy: A Compass, a Concept, and a Concordat

13. What Belgium Can Do: Proposals for the National Security Strategy

14. A transition for the citizens? Ensuring public participation in the European Green Deal

15. The external representation of the EU: A simple matter of protocol?

16. The EU and China: Sanctions, Signals, and Interests

17. A New Start for EU-US relations?

18. How the Strategic Compass can Incubate a European Prototype for Burden Sharing

19. ‘Greening’ the EU’s cultural diplomacy: Uncovering the potential of the culture-climate nexus

20. How 2400 Pages of Tech Industrial Policy will change Transatlantic Relations

21. A Revised European Semester under Centralised Management: the Risk of Overlooking Social Policy

22. The Strategic Compass: Entering the Fray

23. The EU-US Trade and technology Council: Mapping the Challenges and Opportunities for Transatlantic Cooperation on Trade, Climate, and Digital

24. Seven Steps to European Defence, Transatlantic Equilibrium, and Global Europe

25. Readiness as a Mission: Implications for Belgian Defence

26. The Power to Engage: Giving Punch to a new EU Global Strategy 2020

27. What Could a Geoeconomic EU Look Like in 2020?

28. Will a European Security Council Bring Strategic Relevance?

29. Beyond Corona: Getting EU Economic Security Right

30. The End of ‘Business as Usual’? COVID-19 and the European Green Deal

31. COVID-19 and the Climate – Energy Nexus

32. Remolding China’s ‘Empty’ Belt and Road Initiative: An Opportunity for the EU

33. No Pain, No Gain: Taking PESCO to the Gym

34. Rethinking EU institutions’ rules of procedure after COVID-19

35. What can the EU expect from the new Belgian government?

36. From Words to Deeds: Upholding the Rule of Law in the CEE Region

37. What can the EU expect from the new Belgian government?

38. Combat Air Systems for the 21st Century: A Shared Stake for Europe

39. Dealing with Russia: Towards a Coherent Belgian Policy

40. Revisiting EU Climate and Energy Diplomacy: A Starting Point for Green Deal Diplomacy?

41. Biden’s World? Views from the United States, China, Russia, and the European Union

42. Belgium Should Not Change Strategy on Her Contribution to NATO's Nuclear Role Sharing

43. From emergency remote learning to a new digital education action plan: an EU attempt to mainstream equality into education.

44. 919-2019: How to Make Peace Last? European Strategy and the Future of the World Order

45. What’s in the CARDs?

46. The Resurgence of Bilateral Diplomacy in Europe

47. Fighting for Europe. European Strategic Autonomy and the Use of Force

48. Redefining the EU-China economic partnership: beyond reciprocity lies strategy

49. American Sanctions and European Sovereignty

50. The Aachen Mutual Defence Clause: A Closer Look at the Franco-German Treaty

51. European Strategic Autonomy: Which Military Level of Ambition?

52. Europe in a multipolar missile world – Why the EU and NATO should not try to salvage the INF Treaty

53. Autonomy and Strategy: What Should Europe Want?

54. Fostering Belgo-German Connectivity in the Heart of Europe

55. Belgian Special Forces in the Sahel: A Minimal Footprint with Maximal Output?

56. The End of the INF-Treaty: Context and Consequences

57. Reviving the Security Function: EU's Path to Save the JCPOA

58. Security Aspects of Connectivity

59. Spitzenkandidaten: A debate about power and about the future development of the EU

60. Articulating the Logic of Nuclear-Sharing

61. EU cyber partnerships: Assessing the EU strategic partnerships with third countries in the cyber domain

62. Brexit, Strategy, and the EU: Britain takes leave

63. Between Rome and Sibiu: A Trajectory for the New European Narrative

64. Is there an escape from ‘Ever Closer Union’?

65. How to make the most of the EU’s financial potential ?

66. A Dublin IV recast: A new and improved system?

67. European Defence: Give PESCO a Chance

68. Exploring the Boundaries of Conditionality in the EU

69. The European Citizens' Initiative, A Sufficient Tool to Bring Europe Closer to Its Citizens

70. Children in the Levant: Insights from Belgium on the Dilemmas of Repatriation and the Challenges of Reintegration

71. More Room for European Agencies in the EU Decision-Making Process?

72. Japan’s Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy: What does it mean for the European Union?

73. Endorsing Brexit or Preparing for ‘No Deal’? A Belgian Perspective

74. The EU and China: Modest Signs of Convergence?

75. An uphill struggle? Towards coordinated EU engagement with China’s Belt and Road Initiative

76. The Juncker Plan 2.0 : the Belgian view

77. Plan B after Brexit – What Britain can expect negotiating a Swiss-type arrangement with the EU

78. Forgotten lessons for the Eurozone

79. The rise of single motherhood in the EU: analysis and propositions

80. The EU approach to Gender: Limitations and alternatives

81. Energy efficiency: the ever neglected priority of the European energy strategy

82. Game of zones. The quest for influence in Europe's neighbourhood

83. A Eurozone Subcommittee in the European Parliament: high hopes, low results?

84. The impact of the withdrawal from Afghanistan on Russia's security

85. The EU regime on biofuels in transport: Still in search of sustainability

86. Industrial policy in the EU: A guide to an elusive concept

87. The summit of our ambition? European defence between Brussels and Wales

88. Building European Defence: An Architect and a Bank

89. Cardiff: Birthplace of a new Transatlantic Narrative?

90. Shale gas in Europe: much ado about little?

91. The role of the European Union in the world

92. Institutional reform in the EU

93. Is the EMU ready for future shocks? An overview of available backstops

94. The case for a European social union

95. From Lampedusa to the Post-Stockholm Programme: Difficult European solidarity in the field of migration

96. Twenty eight national elections for a Parliament in constant evolution

97. What future for the eurozone? Combining discipline, solidarity and institutional reforms

98. The Belgian parliaments and EU affairs: the reasons behind their limited involvement

99. Re-designing the European Climate and Energy policies post-2020

100. The German Constitutional Court's decision about the European Central Bank's OMT mechanism: A masterpiece of judicial arrogance