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1. Trying to govern the ungovernable: International Law on cyber and information operations in Russian

2. Nuclear submarines and central heating: What Russia wants in the Arctic

3. Don’t be rude, don’t be docile! How to manage freedom of manoeuvre in tense bilateral diplomacy

4. Turkey's NATO Future: Between alliance dependency, Russia, and strategic autonomy

5. Trump's troops: Not just US soldiers – NATO's soul is also moving east

6. The Baltic Sea Region after the Ukraine Crisis and Trump: A Russian perspective

7. Inside the Russian Digital Domain: Plug in, plug out

8. Russian Hybrid Warefare: A Study in Disinformation

9. Donald Trump and US-Russian relations Geopolitical Bromance or Business-as-Usual?

10. With Trump, US-China relations are no longer business as usual China may stand to gain from a Trump presidency

11. The Russian Gambit In Syria

12. Cyber technology at war: Challenges to international regulations

13. After Ukraine – NATO should stay vigilant on the Middle East

14. Danish Foreign Policy Yearbook 2013

15. The West must allow a power shift in international organizations

16. External democracy promotion in Ukraine and Moldova: The impact of the European Union

17. Hello Missile Defence–Goodbye Nuclear Sharing?

18. The Russo-Georgian War and Beyond: towards a European Great Power Concert

19. "2009 – Time for detente and disarmament"

20. Siloviki versus liberal-technocrats: The fight for Russia and its foreign policy

21. Danish positions on key developments in the European Union

22. Integration without Joining? Neighbourhood Relations at the Finnish-Russian Border

23. The Logic of Piloting and Trans-Border Regionalism: The Project-Oriented Approach in EU-Russian Cooperation

24. Marginality or Provinciality: Pskov and Ivangorod at the Intersection of Russia's Transborder Relations

25. Russian Conservatism in the Putin Presidency

26. The Russian Northwestern Federal District and EU's Northern Dimension

27. International Law and the Just and Justifiable in Secessionist Conflicts: The Cases of Tatarstan and Chechnya (1990-94)

28. A Europe without Divides? The EU-Russia Partnership and the Case of Virtual Borders

29. Human Rights and Foreign Policy Discourse in Today's Russia: Romantic Realism and Securitisation of Identity

30. Can Europe Be Told From The North? Tapping Into the EU's Northern Dimension

31. The Construction of Europe in the Northern Dimension

32. The European Union and Globalisation: Reflections on Strategies of Individual States

33. The New Saint Petersburg: A Case of Border-Making or Border-Breaking?

34. Structural Geopolitics in Europe: Constructing Geopolitical Subjectivity for the EU and Russia

35. Back in the U.S.S.R.? Russia as an Actor in World Politics

36. The NATO of the Future: Intervention and Integration in Europe

37. The Chechen Problem: Sources, Developments and Future Prospects