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1. Providing security in Iraq - what do Iraqis think?

2. Small states’ security strategies need an international energy dimension: What can be learned from the Danish Nord Stream and Baltic Pipe negotiations?

3. European strategic autonomy: From misconceived to useful concept what can we learn from the Northern outlook?

4. Opportunities for Danish stabilisation policy to engage with climate- and livelihood-related conflict: New approaches to fragility in the Horn of Africa and Sahel

5. Small States can Take Small but Important Steps to Improve UN Peacekeeping: Action needed for peacekeeping in distress

6. Asia Beyond China: Developing a European Indo-Pacific Strategy for a Changing Global Order

7. U.S.-China Strategic Rivalry in the Indo-Pacific

8. The European Union as a Security Actor: Perspectives from the maritime domain

9. Intensifying Great Power Politics in the Arctic - Point of Consideration by the Kingdom of Denmark: From an analysis of assessments and strategies in Finland, Norway and Iceland

10. Denmark as a New Security Actor in the Gulf of Guinea: Reconciling international priorities with local needs

11. Denmark's China Challenge

12. Supporting Political Stability by Strengthening Local Government: Decentralization in Ukraine

13. Stepping up Synergies of the Danish Comprehensive Approach: The Peace and Stabilization Fund

14. Prioritising European Defence Cooperation: The next step for the common security and defence policy

15. After Ukraine: Keeping the Arctic Stable

16. Linking instruments in development and foreign policy: Comprehensive approaches in the EU

17. Dealing with Iran: How can the EU Achieve its strategic Objectives?

18. European Security Practices vis-à-vis the Mediterranean: Implications in Value Terms

19. Perspectives on security in the Arctic area

20. Land titling and tenure security in the context of inequality

21. Come Home, NATO? The Atlantic Alliance's New Strategic Concept

22. EU and the Comprehensive Approach

23. The Securitisation of Migration: A Risky Strategy for European States

24. EU's Neighbourhood Policy: A Question of Space and Security

25. Farewell to Conscription? The Case of Denmark

26. Security Models and their Applicability to the Gulf: The Potential of European Lessons Applied

27. Greenland, Denmark and the Debate on Missile Defense: A Window of Opportunity for Increased Autonomy

28. Cooperation or Democratisation? The EU's Conflicting Mediterranean Security Discourses

29. The Politics of European security

30. Russian Border Policies and Border Regions

31. The Implication of the Concept of the French State-Nation and 'Patrie' for French Discourses on (Algerian) Immigration

32. Rethinking The Nature of Security: The U.S. Northern Europe Initiative

33. Competing or Complementary Policies? Understanding the Relationship between the NEI and NDI

34. Human Rights and Foreign Policy Discourse in Today's Russia: Romantic Realism and Securitisation of Identity

35. The Discourses of St. Petersburg and the Shaping of a Wider Europe: Territory, Space and Post-Sovereign Politics

36. Can Europe Be Told From The North? Tapping Into the EU's Northern Dimension

37. "Realisms at war": Robert Gilpin's political economy of hegemonic war as a critique of Waltz's neorealism

38. Global Ungovernance: Mercenaries, States and the Control over Violence

39. Danish Security Policy over the last 50 Years - Long-Term Essential Security Priorities

40. European Defence: Visions and Realities?

41. European [security] Union: from existential threat to ontological security

42. NATO and The South-Eastern Europe – Powerless of Powerfuls And Power of Weaks in Ethnic Conflicts

43. Intrastate Conflicts, International Interventions and their Implications on Security Issues, Case of Kosovo

44. The Emergence of the New Nordic Co-operation

45. "War is Never Civilised";: Civilisation, Civil Society and the Kosovo War

46. European State Formation 1900-2000

47. The NATO of the Future: Intervention and Integration in Europe

48. Denmark and the Northern Dimension