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1. How Comparable are India’s Labour Market Surveys?

2. Labour incomes in India: A comparison of PLFS and CMIE-CPHS data

3. Loss, Recovery and the Long Road Ahead: Tracking India’s Informal Workers Through the Pandemic

4. Did the nation-wide implementation of e-FMS in MGNREGS result in reduced expenditures? A re-examination of the evidence

5. Who was Impacted and How? Covid-19 Pandemic and the Long Uneven Recovery in India

6. Labour Reforms in the Indian State of Rajasthan: a boon or a bane?

7. Can a Machine Learn Democracy?

8. Tracking Employment Trajectories during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Evidence from Indian Panel Data

9. A Short Note on Debt-Neutral Fiscal Policy

10. Technical & Vocational Education and Training in India: Lacking Vision, Strategy and Coherence

11. Explaining COVID-19 Lockdown, Employment and Migration in India: Challenges and Prospects

12. Covid-19 Crisis: An Indictment of India’s Informal Economy

13. Down and Out? The Gendered Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on India’s Labour Market

14. How Much is a Government Job in India Worth?

15. Where Do They Come From, Where Do They Go? Labour Market Transitions in India

16. Improving Survey Quality using Para Data: Lessons from the India Working Survey

17. Financing Fiscal Support under Alternative Policy Frameworks

18. Pandemic, informality, and vulnerability: Impact of COVID-19 on livelihoods in India

19. Building a Social Security Architecture for Informal Workers in India, Finally!

20. Did Employment Rise or Fall in India between 2011 and 2017? Estimating Absolute Changes in the Workforce

21. Income Distribution and Effective Demand in the Indian Economy

22. Economic Transition, Dualism, and Informality in India: Nature and Patterns of Household-level Transitions

23. Mechanisms of Surplus Appropriation in the Informal Sector: A Case Study of Tribal Migrants in Ahmedabad’s Construction Industry

24. Fiscal Transfers and Inflation: Evidence from India

25. The Size Structure of India’s Enterprises: Not Just the Middle is Missing

26. Industrial Policies in India: Did They Work?

27. India’s Employment Crisis: Rising Education Levels and Falling Non-agricultural Job Growth

28. Inequalities in the Gendered Labour Market: What can be Done?

29. How Comparable are India’s Labour Market Surveys?: A comparison of NSS, Labour Bureau and CMIE Estimates

30. Towards higher female work participation in India: what can be done?

31. The Evolving Discourse on Job Quality- From Normative Frameworks to Measurement Indicators: The Indian Example

32. Long-Run Performance of the Organised Manufacturing Sector in India: Aggregate Trends and Industry-level Variation

33. Changes in Production Regimes and Challenges to Collective Bargaining: A study of the Gurgaon Industrial Belt

34. Pride and Prejudice: The Condition of Handloom Weavers in West Bengal

35. Labour Absorption in Indian Manufacturing: The Case of the Garment Industry

36. A Policy Proposal for Green Jobs in India A Quantitative Analysis on Inclusivity of Green Jobs

37. Of “Missing Middle” and Size-based Regulation

38. The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Realizing India’s Demographic Dividend

39. An Approach to the Problem of Employment in India

40. Understanding the Performance of India’s Manufacturing Sector: Evidence from Firm Level Data

41. Women Workers in India – Labour Force Trends, Occupational Diversification, and Wage Gaps

42. The Evolution of India’s Industrial Labour Share and its Correlates

43. Analysis of Payment Delays and Delay Compensation in MGNREGA