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1. Redressing environmental harm? A 'corporate sovereignty' problem

2. Does environmental policy uncertainty hinder investments towards a low-carbon economy?

3. Cumulative Climate Shocks and Migratory Flows: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

4. Crime, inequality and subsidized housing: evidence from South Africa

5. Can adjustment costs in research derail the transition to green growth?

6. School feeding programmes, education and food security in rural Malawi

7. Heterogeneous impacts of school fee elimination in Tanzania: gender and colonial infrastructure

8. What do investors in electric vehicles technologies want?

9. What drives them to invest in the sustainable mobility transition ? Evidence from a conjoint experiment on European investors' policy preferences

10. The heterogeneous impact of coal prices on the location of cleaner and dirtier steel plants

11. Policy uncertainty and renewable energy investments in Romania

12. Darkness at noon: deforestation in the new authoritarian era

13. Environmental regulation in a transitional political system: delegation of regulation and perceived corruption in South Africa

14. Food security and land use in the 21st century: the return of Malthusianism

15. Impacts of legal and regulatory institutions on economic development

16. Land grabs, big business and large-scale damages

17. Do financing constraints matter for the direction of technical change in energy R&D?

18. Taking stock of international law responses to resource wars

19. The new US tax credits and carbon negative technologies

20. The perils of development aid in resource-rich countries

21. Can there be benefits from competing legal regimes?: the impact of legal pluralism in post-conflict Sierra Leone

22. The Porter Hypothesis Goes to China: Spatial Development, Environmental Regulation and Productivity

23. The Impact of Energy Prices on Product Innovation: Evidence from the UK Refrigerator Market

24. How Does Environmental Regulation Shape Economic Development? A Tax Competition Model of China

25. Follow-the-Leader? Measuring the Internalisation of Law

26. Driven up the wall? Role of environmental regulation in innovation along the automotive global value chain

27. Discrimination and Favouritism Among Workers: Union Membership and Ethnic Identity

28. Transfer of Improved Varieties in Informal Markets and the Diffusion of Embedded Innovation: Experimentation with Genetic Resources in Uganda

29. The Impact of Green Innovation on Energy Intensity: An Empirical Analysis for 14 Industrial Sectors in OECD Countries

30. Environmental Regulations and Competitiveness: Evidence based on Chinese firm data

31. Why Give Aid to Resource-Rich Autocrats?

32. Using discrete choice experiments to regulate the provision of water services: Do status quo choices reflect preferences?

33. The value of air quality in Chinese cities: Evidence from labor and property market outcomes

34. Emissions Trading in the Presence of Price-Regulated Polluting Firms: How Costly Are Free Allowances?

35. Chasing After the Frontier in Agricultural Productivity

36. Avertive expenditures, endogenous quality perception, and the demand for non-market goods: An instrumental variable approach

37. Resistance to the Regulation of Common Resources in Rural Tunisia

38. Multinational Firms and the Internationalization of Green R&D: A Review of the Evidence and Policy Implications

39. Estimating the demand for tap water quality: Avertive expenditures on substitutes for hardness and aesthetic quality

40. Documenting Legal Dissonance: Legal Pluralism in Papua New Guinea

41. Directing Technical Change from Fossil-Fuel to Renewable Energy Innovation: An Application Using Firm-Level Patent Data

42. Clean substitutes and the effectiveness of carbon footprint labels vs. Pigovian subsidies: Evidence from a field experiment

43. Air pollution in urban Beijing: the role of government-controlled information

44. Models-as-Usual for Unusual Risks? On the Value of Catastrophic Climate Change

45. Knowledge spillovers from renewable energy technologies: Lessons from patent citations