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1. Does ASEM work?

2. Falling short of expectations? Stress-testing the European banking system

3. EU-Turkey Relations: Turning vicious circles into virtuous ones

4. The EU's Use of 'Targeted' Sanctions: Evaluating effectiveness

5. Economic Policy Coordination in the Economic and Monetary Union: From Maastricht via the SGP to the Fiscal Pact

6. Proposal for a Stabilisation Fund for the EMU

7. The Governance Gap in European Security and Defence

8. Rule of law or rule of thumb? A New Copenhagen Mechanism for the EU

9. Regulatory Quality in the European Commission and the UK: Old questions and new findings

10. Unleashing Competition in EU Business Services

11. Public and Private Regulation: Mapping the Labyrinth

12. What Germany should fear most is its own fear: An analysis of Target2 and current account imbalances

13. How to Negotiate under Co-decision in the EU: Reforming Trilogues and First-Reading Agreements

14. In Search of Symmetry in the Eurozone

15. An Agenda for the European Council: Feasible steps to bring the eurozone back from the precipice

16. 'Grexit': Who would pay for it?

17. A European Deposit Insurance and Resolution Fund

18. The EU should not shy away from setting CO2-related targets for transport

19. Lobbying the European Parliament: A necessary evil

20. On the Tasks of the European Stability Mechanism

21. The Case for 'More Single Market'

22. How to assess a rotating presidency of the Council under the Lisbon rules

23. Is the EU internal market suffering from an integration deficit? Estimating the 'home-bias effect'

24. Governance of a Fragile Eurozone

25. Britain, Ireland and Schengen: Time for a smarter bargain on visas

26. The General Affairs Council: The Key to Political Influence of Rotating Presidencies

27. Partial sovereign bond insurance by the eurozone: A more efficient alternative to blue (Euro-)bonds

28. The Eurozone Debt Crisis: From its origins to a way forward

29. Only a more active ECB can solve the euro crisis

30. Do Germans support the euro?

31. The Enduring Popularity of the Euro throughout the Crisis

32. Misguided policies risk breaking up the eurozone and the EU

33. EU Federalism in Crisis

34. Agreement needed on liquidity provision to restore confidence in the eurozone

35. A Renewed Political Deal for Sustainable Growth within the Eurozone and the EU: An Open Letter to the President of the European Council

36. The European Council Summit and the Political Economics of the EMU Crisis

37. Looking afresh at the external representation of the EU in the international arena

38. Quantum Surveillance and 'Shared Secrets'

39. Europe 2020 and the Financial System: Smaller is beautiful

40. Towards a Common European Border Service?

41. On High Stakes, Stakeholders and Bulgaria's EU Membership

42. How to Change the EU Treaties: An Overview of Revision Procedures under the Treaty of Lisbon

43. The Place of Religion in European Union Law and Policy: Competing Approaches and Actors inside the European Commission

44. What kind of governance for the eurozone?

45. Has the financial crisis spurred demand for stronger state regulation?

46. Politicians Online! MEP Communication Strategies in the Internet Era

47. Does intangible capital affect economic growth?

48. Challenges and Prospects for the EU's Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: Recommendations to the European Commission for the Stockholm Programme

49. The European Parliament – more powerful, less legitimate? An outlook for the 7th legislature

50. Two new leaders in search of a job description

51. Understanding Klaus: The Story of Czech Eurorealism

52. The Treaty of Lisbon and the Czech Constitutional Court: Act II

53. EC Visa Facilitation and Readmission Agreements: Implementing a New EU Security Approach in the Neighbourhood

54. The Post-2010 Lisbon Process: The Key Role of Education in Employment and Competitiveness

55. Making sense of Sarkozy's Union for the Mediterranean

56. Adaptation to Climate Change: Why is it needed and how can it be implemented?

57. What next? How to save the Treaty of Lisbon

58. Essential Steps for the European Union after the "No" Votes in France, the Netherlands Ireland

59. Closing the Community Deficit in the EU

60. Schengen:Achievements and Challenges in Managing an Area Encompassing 3.6 million km²

61. Democracy in the European Union

62. China and India: Implications for the EU Economy

63. The European Union as a Normative Foreign Policy Actor

64. Profiling Normative Foreign Policy: The European Union and its Global Partners

65. The Intersection between Justice and Home Affairs and the European Neighbourhood Policy: Taking Stock of the Logic, Objectives and Practices

66. Fusing Security and Development: Just another Euro-platitude?

67. Is Europe back on track? Impetus from the German EU Presidency

68. Fake, Partial and Imposed Compliance: The Limits of the EU's Normative Power in the Western Balkans

69. Whole, free and integrated? A Transatlantic Perspective on the European Neighbourhood

70. Fruit of the Poisonous Tree - Member States' Indirect Use of Extraordinary Rendition and the EU Counter-Terrorism Strategy

71. Europe's Unrecognised Neighbours: The EU in Abkhazia and South Ossetia

72. European Neighbourhood Policy Two Years on: Time indeed for an 'ENP Plus'

73. Variable Geometries: Mapping Ideas, Institutions and Power in the Wider Europe

74. The Trade-Induced Effects of the Services Directive and the Country-of-Origin Principle

75. Strategic Implications of the EU Crisis

76. A Synergy for Black Sea Regional Cooperation: Guidelines for an EU Initiative

77. Trail to Failure: History of the Constitutional Rejection and Implications for the Future

78. A New Agreement between the EU and Russia: Why, what and when?

79. Bulgaria and Romania's Accession to the EU:Postponement, Safeguards and the Rule of Law

80. The Commission's White Paper on Communication: Mapping a Way to a European Public Sphere

81. Fixing the Services Directive

82. What Could be Saved from the European Constitution if Ratification Fails? The Problems with a 'Plan B'

83. Trade Policy Issues for the Euro-Med Partnership

84. The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership: Unique Features, First Results and Future Challenges

85. Mapping Israel's Policy Options regarding its Future Institutionalised Relations with the European Union

86. Institutionalising the Wider Europe

87. A Primer on the Balance Sheet of the Eurosystem