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1. Creating a Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise Focused Credit Risk Database in India: An Exploratory Study

2. Deceleration, Pandemic, Recession: Does India Have a Plan?

3. Educative Interventions to Combat Misinformation: Evidence From a Field Experiment in India

4. Reforming Indian Agriculture

5. Gender and India into the 21st Century: Policy, Paradoxes, and the Personal

6. Gender Bias in Education During Conflict: Evidence From Assam

7. Whose Side Are You Om? Identifying The Distributive Preferences of Local Politicians in India

8. A Tale of Two Villages: Kinship Netwoks and Political Preference Change in Rural India

9. Reclaiming the Grassland for the Cheetah: Science and Nature Conservation in India

10. Understanding Mandis: Market Towns and the Dynamics of India's Rural and Urban Transformations

11. Does Clientelism Work? A Test os Guessability in India

12. Crucial Collaborators or Petty Players? The Globalization of R and the Rise of China and India

13. Colonial Origins of Maoist Insurgency in India: Long Term Effects of Indirect Rule

14. The Skills They Want: Aspirations of Students in Emerging India

15. Seeing Beyond Dharma: Ethical Excellence in Vikram and Vetaal Stories

16. Empowerment of Dalits and Adivasis Role of Education in the Emerging Economy

17. Arguing Democracy: Intellectuals and Politics in Modern India

18. Food as a Metaphor for Cultural Hierarchies

19. Markets and Manu: Economic Reforms and Its Impact on Caste in India

20. The Internationalization of Indian Companies: The Case of Tata

21. Beyond the ABCs: Higher Education and Developing Countries

22. Will India Emerge as an Eastern or Western Power?

23. Economic Growth and India's Future?

24. India's New Entrepreneurial Classes: The High Growth Economy and Why it is Sustainable?

25. Indo-US Relations: Where Are They Headed?

26. From Estrangement to Engagement: U.S. - India Relations since May 1998

27. Financial Sector Reform in India: Is There a Grand Design?

28. From Midnight to the Millennium and Beyond: democracy and identity in today's India

29. India's National Security Challenges

30. Thirteen Years of Power Sector Reform in India: Are We Still Groping in the Dark?

31. The Measure of India: What Makes Greatness?

32. India's Slow Conversion to Market Economics

33. American Diplomacy and the 1999 Kargil Summit at Blair House

34. Privatization: From Policy Formulation to Implementation: The View from the Inside

35. India's Reform Agenda: Micro, Meso and Macro Economic Reforms