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1. The Civil Transition in Afghanistan: 2014-2016

2. Remaking American Power

3. Achieving Disaster Resilience in U.S. Communities

4. India: A Reluctant Partner for Afghanistan

5. Iran's Continuing Interests in Afghanistan

6. Regional Overview: Rebalance Continues Despite Distractions

7. US-Japan Relations: Abe Settles In

8. Australia-East Asia/US Relations: Election plus Marines, Joint Facilities and the Asian Century

9. Updating U.S. Federal Cybersecurity Policy and Guidance

10. Contract Spending by the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development

11. The FY2013 Defense Budget, Sequestration, and the Growing Strategy-Reality Gap

12. The Best Scenario: Japan's Political Crisis as a Reform Driver

13. South Africa's AIDS Diplomacy

14. The FY2013 Defense Budget, the Threat of Defense Cuts and Sequestration and the Strategy-Reality Gap

15. U.S. Department of Defense Services Contract Spending and the Supporting Industrial Base, 2000-2011

16. DoD Workforce Cost Realism Assessment

17. The Real Results of the Iraqi Election: By July 2010, in Early 2011, or Years Later?

18. The Uncertain Politics behind Iraq's Election: Political Controversies and the Formation of a Viable Government

19. Saudi National Security and the Saudi-US Strategic Partnership: Part One: The Civil Economic Aspects of Security

20. US-Southeast Asia Relations

21. North Korea-South Korea Relations

22. Japan-China Relations

23. Japan-Korea Relations

24. India-US and India-East Asia Relations

25. Regional Overview

26. Japan-Korea Relations

27. China-Southeast Asia Relations

28. China-Taiwan Relations

29. South Korea-North Korea Relations

30. Japan-China Relations

31. Japan-Korea Relations

32. Australia-East Asia/US Relations

33. American and Chinese Power after the Financial Crisis

34. Oversight for Cybersecurity Activities

35. Why Has the United States Not Been Attacked Again?

36. Europe's New Security Dilemma

37. U.S.-China Relations

38. China-Taiwan Relations

39. North Korea-South Korea Relations

40. Japan-China Relations

41. China-Russia Relations

42. Regional Overview

43. U.S.-Japan Relations

44. U.S.-Korea Relations

45. U.S.-Russia Relations

46. U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations

47. China-Southeast Asia Relations

48. China-Taiwan Relations

49. North Korea-South Korea Relations

50. China-Russia Relations

51. Australia-East Asia/U.S. Relations

52. Forget Bretton Woods II: the Role for U.S.-Japan-China Trilateralism

53. The Myth of a No-NATO-Enlargement Pledge to Russia

54. Obama's Existential Challenge to Ahmadinejad

55. U.S.-Korea Relations

56. U.S.-Southeast Asia Relations

57. Japan-Korea Relations

58. Recent Commentary: Viktor's Choice - Who Will Form Ukraine's Parliamentary Majority?

59. Sri Lanka: Continuing Negotiations by Other Means

60. India and Israel Move Closer Together

61. Authentication Report

62. The Spring 2002 Term of the Mexican Congress

63. Cyber Attacks: Missing in Action

64. A Thaw in India-China Relations

65. Indian Elections 2004: An Early Preview

66. Can India and Pakistan Seize the Moment?

67. The Changing Face of Russia-South Asia Relations

68. The HIV/AIDS Crisis in India

69. Opportunity Lost? Indian Budget 2003–2004

70. India-Pakistan Trade: Creating Constituencies for Peace

71. The Istanbul Bombs: Challenging The Turkish Model?

72. Turkey, The United States And Iraq: Continuing Differences

73. Reforming for Europe

74. Seeking Redefinition: U.S.-Turkish Relations After Iraq

75. Cyprus: Turkey's Other Difficult Decision

76. Hong Kong Update: Fall 2000

77. Hong Kong Update: Spring 2000

78. Hong Kong Update: Winter 1999-2000