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1. The Coming Storm: Insights from Ukraine about Escalation in Modern War

2. Localizing Humanitarian Action in Africa

3. Russia’s Ill-Fated Invasion of Ukraine: Lessons in Modern Warfare

4. Strengthening a Transnational Semiconductor Industry

5. CCP Inc. in West Africa: How Chinese Party-State Actors Secured Critical Minerals in Guinea

6. Donor Funding Models for Innovation: A Review

7. Pariah or Partner? Clarifying the U.S. Approach to Cambodia

8. Allied Smart Cities

9. The Lessons of the Afghan War That No One Will Want to Learn

10. Cyber War and Ukraine

11. The Collapse of One China

12. Best and Bosom Friends: Why China-Russia Ties Will Deepen after Russia’s War on Ukraine

13. Indispensable: NATO’s Framework Nations Concept beyond Madrid

14. Resetting NATO’s Defense and Deterrence: The Sword and the Shield Redux

15. The Geopolitics of Hydrogen in the Indo-Pacific Region

16. Genomes: The Era of Purposeful Manipulation Begins

17. The Need for a New NATO Force Planning Exercise

18. North America Is a Region, Too: An Integrated, Phased, and Affordable Approach to Air and Missile Defense for the Homeland

19. The Digital Literacy Imperative

20. Aiming for a Quasi-alliance

21. Making Hydrogen Hubs a Success

22. Securing Semiconductor Supply Chains: An Affirmative Agenda for International Cooperation

23. Looking beyond the Biden Visit to the Middle East and the “Fist Bump”

24. Finding a Path through Quagmire

25. Setting the Right Conditions for Aid to Afghanistan—and Other Nations as Well

26. Decisionmaking at the Speed of the Digital Era

27. Addressing Fragility in Papua New Guinea

28. Transforming European Defense

29. Addressing the Continuing Phenomenon of Enforced Disappearances

30. Creating a New Energy Strategy for a Post Ukraine War World

31. Venezuela's 2024 Elections: Understanding Participation under Unfree and Unfair Conditions

32. Demographic Change in the Arab/Persian Gulf: A Case Study by Country Image

33. Software-Defined Warfare: Architecting the DOD's Transition to the Digital Age

34. The CNO’s Navigation Plan for 2022: A Critique

35. Renew SBIR, Just Defend the Recipients against China

36. Civics for Adults: A Guide for Civics Content Providers

37. The Importance of Democracy Promotion to Great Power Competition in Latin America and the Caribbean

38. Supporting Water Programming in the Sahel

39. Of Ships and Cyber: Transposing the Incidents at Sea Agreement

40. Hard Choices in a Ransomware Attack

41. Gender Equity to Improve Immunization Services

42. It's Moving Time: Taiwanese Business Responds to Growing U.S.-China Tensions

43. Reshoring Semiconductor Manufacturing: Addressing the Workforce Challenge

44. What If . . . Alternatives to a Chinese Military Invasion of Taiwan Image

45. Choking off China’s Access to the Future of AI

46. Engines of Prosperity: The Promise of the Zones for Employment and Economic Development (ZEDEs) in Honduras Image

47. How Innovative Financing Models Can Support the Scaling of Supply Chain Innovations

48. CCP Inc. in Greece: State Grid and China’s Role in the Greek Energy Sector

49. Modernizing Ukraine’s Transport and Logistics Infrastructure

50. The Ending the HIV Epidemic in the U.S. Initiative: An Interim Assessment and Policy Recommendations