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1. Drawing Red Lines Right

2. U.S.-Turkish Relations a review at the beginning of the third decade of the post–cold war era

3. The Big Caucasus: Between Fragmentation and Integration

4. The Mystery of Phantom States

5. Israel's National Security Amidst Unrest in the Arab World

6. Shifting Eastern Mediterranean Geometry

7. Turkey's Strategic Vision and Syria

8. Turkey's Role in Defusing the Iranian Nuclear Issue

9. Turkey's Eroding Commitment to NATO: From Identity to Interests

10. Turkey's Eurasian Agenda

11. Iraq and US Strategy in the Gulf: Shaping and Communicating US plans for the Future in a Time of Region-Wide Change and Instability

12. Decoding Turkish Foreign Policy Hyperactivity

13. The Istanbul Bombs: Challenging The Turkish Model?

14. Turkey, The United States And Iraq: Continuing Differences

15. Reforming for Europe

16. Seeking Redefinition: U.S.-Turkish Relations After Iraq

17. Cyprus: Turkey's Other Difficult Decision