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1. Red Ink: Estimating Chinese Industrial Policy Spending in Comparative Perspective

2. Sanctions, SWIFT, and China’s Cross-Border Interbank Payments System

3. How China’s Human Capital Impacts Its National Competitiveness

4. Bridging U.S.-Led Alliances in the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific: An Inter-theater Perspective

5. Strategic Competition in the Financial Gray Zone

6. Securing Asia’s Subsea Network U.S. Interests and Strategic Options

7. The Two Technospheres Western-Chinese Technology Decoupling: Implications for Cybersecurity

8. CCP Inc. in West Africa: How Chinese Party-State Actors Secured Critical Minerals in Guinea

9. The Collapse of One China

10. Best and Bosom Friends: Why China-Russia Ties Will Deepen after Russia’s War on Ukraine

11. Decisionmaking at the Speed of the Digital Era

12. Renew SBIR, Just Defend the Recipients against China

13. It's Moving Time: Taiwanese Business Responds to Growing U.S.-China Tensions

14. What If . . . Alternatives to a Chinese Military Invasion of Taiwan Image

15. Choking off China’s Access to the Future of AI

16. CCP Inc. in Greece: State Grid and China’s Role in the Greek Energy Sector

17. Colombia’s Relationship with the PRC

18. A Seismic Shift: The New U.S. Semiconductor Export Controls and the Implications for U.S. Firms, Allies, and the Innovation Ecosystem

19. CCP Inc. in Portugal: China's Investments in Financial Services and the Reach of the Chinese Communist Party in the Private Sector

20. A World in Crisis: The “Winter Wars” of 2022–2023

21. U.S.–China Relations in the Tank: A Handbook for an Era of Persistent Confrontation

22. A Green Wave?

23. “Reunification” with Taiwan through Force Would Be a Pyrrhic Victory for China

24. China’s Pursuit of Semiconductor Independence

25. Innocent Bystanders

26. China’s New 2019 Defense White Paper

27. Emerging Technologies and Managing the Risk of Tech Transfer to China

28. Research Collaboration in an Era of Strategic Competition

29. CSIS Brief: Beyond the Brink: Escalation and Conflict in U.S.-China Economic Relations

30. Smart Money on Chinese Advances in AI

31. The New Southbound Policy Deepening Taiwan’s Regional Integration

32. Meeting the China Challenge Responding to China’s Managed Economy

33. The Return of Political Warfare

34. Seven Chinas A Policy Framework

35. Russia's New Nuclear Weapons: Whoever Dies with the Most Toys Wins?

36. Perspectives on Taiwan Insights from the 2017 Taiwan-U.S. Policy Program

37. The Other Side of the North Korean Threat: Looking Beyond Its Nuclear Weapons and ICBMs

38. A Tale of Three Coal Markets Common Challenges and Unique Attributes of U.S., Chinese, and Indian Markets

39. Security Implications of China’s Military Presence in the Indian Ocean

40. China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative: Economic Drivers and Challenges

41. Pakistan’s Gwadar Port: A New Naval Base in China’s String of Pearls in the Indo-Pacific

42. Rebooting U.S.-China Trade Ties: “Enter Ye Through the Narrow Gate”

43. Shield of the Pacific: Japan as a Giant Aegis Destroyer

44. The Korean Civil-Military Balance

45. Southeast Asia Financial Integration and Infrastructure Investment: What Role for the United States?

46. The Future of Latin America and the Caribbean in the Context of the Rise of China

47. Technological Competition and China

48. The Article II Mandate: Forging a Stronger Economic Alliance between the United States and Japan

49. How should we view China's rise?

50. U.S.-Sino Relations in the Arctic A Roadmap for Future Cooperation

51. European Defense Trends: Briefing Update

52. Is the Pivot Doomed? The Resilience of America's Strategic 'Rebalance'

53. China: The Post-Responsible Power

54. The Sources of Chinese Conduct: Explaining Beijing's Assertiveness

55. Why Chinese Assertiveness is Here to Stay

56. Projecting Strategy: The Myth of Chinese Counter-intervention

57. The Changing Military Balance in the Koreas and Northeast Asia

58. Grappling with the South China Sea Policy Challenge

59. Chinese Strategy and Military Modernization: A Comparative Analysis






65. Sizing U.S. Ground Forces: From ''2 Wars'' to ''1 War + 2 Missions''

66. Agenda for a New Great Power Relationship

67. East Asia's Maritime Disputes: Fishing in Troubled Waters

68. The South China Sea is Not a Flashpoint

69. The Challenges to Transition in Afghanistan: 2014-2015

70. Full text issue

71. Chinese Military Modernization and Force Development: Chinese and Outside Perspectives

72. Assessing a Deal or Non-deal with Iran: The Critical Issue of Iran's Progress in Weapons Research, Development, and Production Capability.

73. Drawing Red Lines Right

74. Revitalizing the Rebalance: How to Keep U.S. Focus on Asia

75. Has India Peaked?

76. International Shifts and Their Security Impact on the Gulf: Quantifying Key Trends

77. Chinese Strategy and Military Power in 2014

78. Assessing the Asia-Pacific Rebalance

79. Recent Trends in the South China Sea and U.S. Policy

80. The US and Iran: Sanctions, Energy, Arms Control, and Regime Change

81. New Nuclear Suppliers Encouraging Responsible Nuclear Supply by China, Republic of Korea, and India

82. Regional Overview: Rebalance Continues Despite Distractions

83. US-China Relations: Sizing Each Other Up at Sunnylands

84. China-Southeast Asia Relations: China's Toughness on the South China Sea – Year II

85. China-Taiwan Relations: Bumps along the Road

86. China-Korea Relations: How Does China Solve a Problem like North Korea?

87. Japan-China Relations: Going Nowhere Slowly

88. China-Russia Relations: Summer Heat and Sino-Russian Strategizing

89. The BRICS Fallacy

90. Double Trouble: A Realist View of Rising Chinese and Indian Power

91. Chinese Military Modernization and Force Development

92. U.S.-India Homeland Security Cooperation: Building a Lasting Partnership via Transportation Sector Security