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1. The Lessons of the Afghan War That No One Will Want to Learn

2. Setting the Right Conditions for Aid to Afghanistan—and Other Nations as Well

3. Tell Me How This Ends: Military Advice, Strategic Goals, and the “Forever War” in Afghanistan

4. Creating a Real Peace in Afghanistan

5. ‘Peace’ in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen

6. The State of the Fighting in the Afghan War in Mid-2019

7. The Civil Challenges to Peace in Afghanistan

8. Finishing Strong: Seeking a Proper Exit from Afghanistan

9. Preventing Catastrophe in Afghanistan

10. Iraq After ISIS: The Other Half of Victory Dealing with the Civil Dimension

11. Terrorism: U.S. Strategy and the Trends in Its “Wars” on Terrorism

12. Transition in Afghanistan: Losing the Forgotten War?

13. Pakistan and Afghanistan: International Indicators of Progress

14. Security Transition in Afghanistan

15. The Civil Transition in Afghanistan: 2014-2016

16. Losing the "Forgotten War" The U.S. Strategic Vacuum in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Central Asia

17. A Key Update: Afghan Forces on the Edge of Transition: Sharply Contradictory Data on Levels of Violence

18. The Civil Transition in Afghanistan: The Metrics of Crisis?

19. Afghan Forces on the Edge of Transition - Volume I Introduction, US Policy, and Cuts in US Forces and Spending

20. Afghan Forces on the Edge of Transition–IV: Progress in Afghan Force Development