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1. Mastering the Digital Age: Understanding Artificial Intelligence and Regulation

2. It’s All About the Benjamins: Why Banknotes Look As They Do, and Why You Should Care

3. How Poster Art of the “Long 1960s” Fueled International Solidarity

4. Stablecoins, United States Competitiveness, and the Cloud

5. The Future of the Digital Asset Space

6. A Wall of Separation Between Money and State: Policy and Philosophy for the Era of Cryptocurrency

7. Inequality Can Only Be Fixed By Structural Economic Reform

8. Women’s Security in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

9. Competition between Democracy and Autocracy: The Defining Challenge of the 21st Century

10. The Need and Hope for Arms Control

11. On Nuclear Politics and Financial Crime

12. Coups D’état in the Covid-19 Era

13. The Geopolitical Dimensions of Chinese Infrastructure

14. A Dangerous Journey to the U.S. and a “New Deal” for Migrant Women and Girls

15. Toward a Paradigm Shift in Humanitarian Response: Centering Women and Girls in Integrated Health and Protection Services in Syria

16. The New Global Context for Development: The Unravelling of Progress in the LDCs

17. Overcoming Barriers to Poverty Alleviation in the Arab Region

18. Fighting for Sustainable Solutions and Greener Governance in India

19. Pipelines and Protests: Legacies of Struggle and Resistance in the Fight Against Environmental Racism in Canada

20. Cleaning Up Dirty Industries: Strategies for a Greener Future

21. Environmental Security in the Anthropocene

22. Militarized Global Apartheid

23. Why Most Communities in Zimbabwe Are Embracing the Right2SayNo

24. Rethinking Recovery: How to Sustainably Support Communities A!ected by Genocide and Sexual Violence

25. Democracy, Demography, and the Future of the European Union

26. Transparency and the Internet: Facebook’s Global Reach

27. Reification of Data: the Right to be Forgotten, Data Ownership, Network Usage Fee, and Data Sovereignty

28. Remaking the Future of the Internet

29. Inclusion and Environmental Protection in Space

30. The Artemis Theory of Warfare

31. The Strength of Small, Lean, and Agile

32. Talking About NASA: Outer Space and World A!airs

33. Sexual Abuse, Violence, and Prostitution Toward Children in Mexico

34. The State of Exception: Gangs as a Neoliberal Scapegoat in El Salvador

35. Fighting Gangs to Dismantle Democracy: How Anti-Crime Policies Have Contributed to the Authoritarian Drift in Central America

36. A Path Not Taken: A Historical Interpretation of the Roots of Contemporary Crime in Central America

37. Criminal Groups and a Decade of Displacement in Central America and Mexico

38. The Long Shadow: Immediate and Downstream Consequences of the Collapse of the USSR

39. 30 Years Since the Collapse of the Soviet Union: Democracy, Community, and Russia

40. The Power of Law and Justice: The Contribution of Latvia to the Global Development and Defense of Democracy

41. The USSR and its Influence on Developments in the Right to Self- Determination

42. Dynamics of Ukraine-Russia Relations

43. Hegemony Without Leadership: Russia’s Strategy in the Post-Soviet Space

44. The Rise of Global Islamophobia and the Uyghur Genocide

45. Islamophobia, Internationalism, and the Expanse Between

46. What Did 9/11 Mean for U.S. Media Coverage of Muslims and Islam?

47. Securitization of Islam: The Lethal Combination of Threat and Identity Politics

48. Humanitarian Intervention and International Order: The Endless Wars Problem

49. Armed Conflict and the Protection of Populations: The Debate over Humanitarian Intervention, Using Armed Force, and the Idea of Sovereignty

50. The Uyghur Genocide and International Policy Response