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1. Identifying Options for a New International Climate Regime Arising from the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action

2. Smashing Atoms for Peace: Using Linear Accelerators to Produce Medical Isotopes without Highly Enriched Uranium

3. What are the Welfare Costs of Shoreline Loss? Housing Market Evidence from a Discontinuity Matching Design

4. Proposed Liability Framework for Geological Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide

5. Transforming U.S. Energy Innovation

6. U.S. Public Energy Innovation Institutions and Mechanisms: Status Deficiencies

7. Addressing the Risks of Climate Change: The Politics of the Policy Options

8. Giving Green to Get Green: Incentives and Consumer Adoption of Hybrid Vehicle Technology

9. The Case Against a Near-Term Decision to Reprocess Spent Nuclear Fuel in the United States

10. Russia's Role in the Shifting World Oil Market

11. U.S. Policy on Caspian Energy Development and Exports: Mini-Case and Paradigm

12. Negotiations on Nagorno-Karabagh: Where Do We Go From Here? (Summary and Transcript Publication, with Photographs)