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1. Technological Innovation and the Future of Energy Value Chains

2. Technical Difficulties of Contact Tracing

3. The Geopolitics of Renewable Hydrogen

4. Using Advance Market Commitments for Public Purpose Technology Development

5. The Government Technology Silver Bullet: Hiring In-House Technical Talent

6. The Need for Greater Technical Talent in the Government: A Case Study

7. Supporting a Public Purpose in Research & Development: The Role of Tax Credits

8. Sustainable Mobility: Renewable Hydrogen in the Transport Sector

9. Hydrogen Deployment at Scale: The Infrastructure Challenge

10. The Role of Blockchain in Green Hydrogen Value Chains

11. Central Bank Digital Currencies: Tools for an Inclusive Future?

12. The Public-Purpose Consortium: Enabling Emerging Technology with a Public Mission

13. The Future of Carbon Offset Markets

14. Mis/ Disinformation and Cyber Incident Communications Response: Top Takeaways

15. What We Can Learn From the Wonder Women of COVID-19

16. Technology Factsheet: Synthetic Biology

17. Weaponized Interdependence: How Global Economic Networks Shape State Coercion

18. The End of War: How a Robust Marketplace and Liberal Hegemony Are Leading to Perpetual World Peace

19. The Demographic Transition Theory of War: Why Young Societies Are Conflict Prone and Old Societies Are the Most Peaceful

20. Bad World: The Negativity Bias in International Politics

21. The Silk Road and the Gulf: A New Frontier for the RMB

22. In the Gulf, China Plays to Win but US has Upper Hand

23. 3 Reasons Why the Fed Wants to Keep Raising Interest Rates

24. National Counter-Information Operations Strategy

25. A Vision for Nuclear Security

26. Combating Complacency about Nuclear Terrorism

27. Inadvertent Escalation and the Entanglement of Nuclear Command-and-Control Capabilities

28. How the U.S. Foreign Policy Establishment Constrains American Grand Strategy

29. Policy Evolution Under the Clean Air Act

30. GHG Cap-and-Trade: Implications for Effective and Efficient Climate Policy in Oregon

31. Jihadists from Ex-Soviet Central Asia: Where Are They? Why Did They Radicalize? What Next?

32. No Exceptions: The Decision to Open All Military Positions to Women

33. Governance of Highly Decentralized Nonstate Actors: the Case of Solar Geoengineering

34. Governing Cooperative Approaches under the Paris Agreement

35. From Silicon Valley to Shenzhen: Dollar Exposures in Chinese Fintech

36. The China Tariff Mess