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1. Envisioning a Stable South Sudan

2. Myths about Human Trafficking in Africa

3. Timeline of South Sudan Peace Agreements and Violence

4. Humanitarian Costs of South Sudan Conflict Continue to Escalate

5. African Militant Islamist Groups Again on the Rise

6. Militant Islamist Group Activity in the Sahel Rises

7. Refugee Flows Show Burundi Crisis Worsening

8. Humanitarian Need and Displacement in South Sudan

9. Conflict and Famine in South Sudan

10. Burundi Refugee Flows Continue to Increase

11. Conflict and Food Insecurity in South Sudan

12. Africa’s Population Displacement Reaches Record Levels in 2017

13. Constitutional Term Limits for African Leaders

14. Al Shabaab Remains Virulent as ISIS Shifts to Egypt

15. South Sudan Conflict Drives Massive Population Movement

16. Map of Africa’s Active Militant Islamist Groups