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56561. Institutional Change and the Uses and Limits of Path Dependency: The Case of German Finance

56562. Corporate Governance in Transition: Ten Empirical Findings on Shareholder Value and Industrial Relations in Germany

56563. An Emerging Market for Corporate Control? The Mannesmann Takeover and German Corporate Governance

56564. What Have We Learned?[1] Problem-Solving Capacity of the Multilevel European Polity.

56565. Globalization, Tax Competition, and the Fiscal Viability of the Welfare State

56566. How Bargaining Mediates Wage Determination: An Exploration of the Parameters of Wage Functions in a Pooled Time-Series Cross-Section Framework

56567. Minority Governments and Party Politics: The Political and Institutional Background to the "Danish Miracle"

56568. Inspections in Iraq: A Test For Saddam, Not A Good Solution for WMD

56569. How to Unseat Saddam (Part 2 of 2)

56570. How to Unseat Saddam (Part 1 of 2)