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55091. International Institutions, Globalisation and Democray: Assessing the Challenges

55092. The Tobin Tax: How to Make it Real. Towards a Socially Responsible and Democratic System of Global Governance

55093. Dealing with the Past: The Case of Estonia

55094. Coming Home or Moving Home? "Westernising" Narratives in Finnish Foreign Policy and the Re-interpretation of Past Identities

55095. The EU and the prospects of Common Defence

55096. Blazing New Trails: Villagers' Committee Elections in P. R. China

55097. Crisis management the Finnish way – A state of the art report on practice and research

55098. The Korean Peninsula: Is Kim Dae-jung's Pursuit of a Korean Confederation Realistic?

55099. Observations on The Township People's Congress Elections in Chongqing January 5-15, 1999 and Cooperative Activities with the Ministry of Civil Affairs August 1, 1998-January 15, 1999

55100. The American Economy: Sustaining Growth with Opportunity