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52221. 1995-1996 State of World Conflict Report

52222. Meeting on the Viability of International Economic Sanctions

52223. The Journey to Democracy: 1986-1996

52224. Military Doctrine and Political Participation: Toward a Sociology of Strategy

52225. Participatión Ciudadana y Retos Ambientalistas Frente a los Riesgos de la Globalización y del TLCAN

52226. Neo-conservatism: Some Theoretical and Terminological Clarifications

52227. Bulgaria and the European Union in the Process of Buliding a Common European Defence

52228. The Bulgarian Military Education at a Crossroads

52229. An International Methodology for Evaluation of Combat Capabilities of Military Systems: The Bulgarian Perspective of Greater Transparency and Confidence

52230. Confidence and Security in the Balkans: The Role of Transparency in Defence Budgeting