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63121. Catch-Up; Why Poor Countries Are Becoming Richer, Democratic, Increasingly Peaceable, and Sometimes More Dangerous

63122. Crisis and Aftermath: The Prospects for Institutional Change in Japan

63123. Nesting the Alliances in the Emerging Context of Asia-Pacific Multilateral Processes: A U.S. Perspective

63124. When Realism and Liberalism Coincide: Russian Views of U.S. Alliances in Asia

63125. Adjusting America's Two Alliances in East Asia: A Japanese View

63126. Changing Relations between Party, Military, and Government in North Korea and Their Impact on Policy Direction

63127. China and the U.S.-Japan and U.S.-Korea Alliances in a Changing Northeast Asia

63128. New Estimates of the United States - China Trade Balances

63129. Seoul Domestic Policy and the Korean-American Alliance

63130. Japan-ROK Security Relations: An American Perspective

63131. The Korean-American Alliance and the "Rise of China": A Preliminary Assessment of Perceptual Changes and Strategic Choices

63132. Asian Alliances and American Politics

63133. Show of Force: The PLA and the 1995-1996 Taiwan Strait Crisis

63134. The Internet and Global Telecommunications: Exploring the Boundaries of International Coordination

63135. Toward Sustainable Competition in Global Telecommunications: From Principle to Practice

63136. Media Madness: The Revolution So Far

63137. The Global Wave of Entrepreneurialism: Harnessing the Synergies of Personal Initiative, Digital Technologies, and Global Commerce

63138. Information Literacy: Advancing Opportunities for Learning in the Digital Age

63139. Accommodating Turkey In ESDP

63140. Five Years To The Euro For The CEE-3?