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1. Greece, Cyprus, and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

2. Battleground Southeast Asia: China's Rise and America's Options

3. Dealing with China: Lessons Learned from Three Case Studies

4. Guiding Principles for Israel’s Foreign Policy toward the EU

5. Public Opinion Findings on Israel’s Foreign Policy towards the Elections

6. The Quality of Israel’s Peace with Jordan is Dependent on the Israeli-Palestinian Issue

7. Late to the Party: Russia’s Return to Africa

8. International Coordination of Economic Policies in the Global Financial Crisis: Successes, Failures, and Consequences

9. South Koreans see Improved Security, Confident in US Security Guarantee

10. Dealing with the Offshore Economy

11. Protests Challenge Gulf Counterrevolution

12. The False “Nakba” Narrative

13. Belarus Could Be Russia’s Next Big Geopolitical Target

14. A New EastMed Friendship, with US Support

15. Democracy: The Keystone of our Society

16. UNCLOS 1982, The Mediterranean area and EU’s Southern Rim

17. Daesh: The archetype of hybrid terrorist organizations

18. Working Paper: The Multi-Domain Battle as an emerging Operational philosophy in the 21st century. A review of the role of Commander. The Cross-Domain standpoint

19. Working Paper: The ‘Two and a half wars’ theory and the Mavi Vatan naval exercise: Strategic Culture and the new phase of Turkish strategy

20. Working Paper on the Chinese Investments in Gwadar and Piraeus

21. Working paper on the impact of the monetary policy of the ECB on credit provision of European economies through the mortgage credit channel

22. Frontex & NATO: A New Partnership in the Making

23. Working Paper on Information Centric War and Cyber-security

24. ELIAMEP’s policy paper on military service and defence

25. Una estrategia de Seguridad Pública para proteger a la ciudadanía

26. España en la Segunda Guerra Mundial

27. Rusia en la Sociedad Internacional

28. El camino hacia el Este

29. How Human Subjects Research Rules Mislead You and Your University, and What to Do About it 1

30. Russia and Iran in Syria— a Random Partnership or an Enduring Alliance?

31. From trade diplomacy to economic warfare: the international economic policy of the Trump Administration

32. The bundle of sticks: a stronger European defence to face global challenges

33. The 1981 coup d’état and trial in Spain: possible lessons for Turkey

34. Legislating for a low carbon and climate resilient transition: learning from international experiences

35. Poland in Europe: disappointment or merely hiccup?

36. Creating a digital roadmap for a circular economy

37. EPIM Policy Update July 2019

38. Paris-proofing the next Multiannual Financial Framework

39. The EU's Scottish question

40. Citizens expect: Lessons from the European Citizens' Consultations

41. Ensuring a post-Brexit level playing field

42. The EU’s governance of Brexit and its impact on the negotiations

43. Mainstreaming innovation funding in the EU budget

44. Brexit: Losing control

45. Under Pressure: Russian Energy Cooperation with Japan and South Korea since Western Sanctions

46. Russia in Venezuela: Geopolitical Boon or Economic Misadventure?

47. China’s Black Sea Ambitions

48. The Sources of Post-Soviet Conduct

49. Fracturing Communities :Aid Distribution in a Palestinian Camp

50. Beneficial Ownership: The Global State of Play

51. A deteriorating security environment in Europe

52. A Comparative Study of the Kashmir Conflict Coverage in Pakistani and Indian Press

53. The US War on Terror in Afghanistan and its Impact on FATA in Pakistan

54. Bureaucratic Efficiency as Determinant of Trade Openness in SAARC Countries

55. A Comparative and Narrative Analysis: Executive Leader as Team Builder at the University Level

56. HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series

57. Corporate Purpose in Play: The Role of ESG Investing

58. Bound to Happen: Explanation Bias in Historical Analysis

59. Targeted Debt Relief and the Origins of Financial Distress: Experimental Evidence from Distressed Credit Card Borrowers

60. The Intergenerational Effects of Parental Incarceration

61. Measuring Bias in Consumer Lending

62. Using Behavioral Insights to Improve Truancy Notifications

63. China’s new policy on the European Union: A toughening line on political issues

64. Strategic autonomy for European choices: The key to Europe's shaping power

65. Trends in Israel’s Regional Foreign Policies: July-December 2018

66. China should address downward pressure in 2018

67. From Deng to Xi: Economic Reform, the Silk Road, and the Return of the Middle Kingdom

68. The Role of Local Governance in Sustaining Peace

69. Givat Hamatos: A Strategic Jerusalem Neighborhood

70. Trump’s Speech Recognizing Jerusalem: What It Says and What It Doesn’t Say

73. The Collapse of Israel's Foreign Service, Summary of a Knesset Conference

74. The Crisis in Israel-Jordan Relations, Summary of a Knesset Conference

76. Opportunities for Israel's Foreign Relations towards 2018, Mitvim's Annual Conference, Panel Summary

77. European regional organizations and climate-related security risks: EU, OSCE and NATO

78. Multilateral peace operations and the challenges of organized crime

79. Deputy Secretary of State Sullivan: U.S. to Lead on Humanitarian Issues

80. What Makes Experts Reliable?

81. How to Make Causal Inferences with Time-Series Cross-Sectional Data under Selection on Observables

82. Self-Censorship in Authoritarian States: Response bias in measures of popular support in China

83. Introducing the Historical Varieties of Democracy Dataset: Political Institutions in the Long 19th Century

84. Reassessing the Democratic Peace: A Novel Test Based on the Varieties of Democracy Data

85. On Revolutions

86. The North American Arctic: Energizing Regional Collaboration and Governance

87. UNRWA’s Educational System and Impact

88. Intelligence and Policy Community Cooperation in the Libya WMD Disarmament Case

89. Avoiding a Nuclear Wild, Wild West in the Middle East

90. The Medium-Run and Scale-Up Effects of Performance-Based Financing

91. The Peace Process: Will the Taliban give up its Insurgency in Afghanistan?

92. Inauspicious Incident: Erdoğan’s Evolving Relationship with Turkey’s Military

93. Trump isn’t NATO’s Only Problem

94. Limited Justice for Syria on the Horizon

95. Better Blending: Making the Case for Transparency and Accountability in Blended Finance

96. Model Monitoring Agreement

97. Social Audit in 20 Steps

98. State Capacity, Democracy and Public Good Production: The case of Child Mortality

99. Public Bureaucracy and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Russia’s Regions

100. The electoral consequences of institutional failure: A comparative study of audits, rulers, and voters in Swedish municipalities