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1. Marine pollution: A growing concern for the southern suburb of Tunis

2. From Passive Owners to Planet Savers? Asset Managers, Carbon Majors and the Limits of Sustainable Finance

3. Tallying Updated NDCs to Gauge Emissions Reductions in 2030 and Progress toward Net Zero

4. Eden Denied: Environmental Decay, Illicit Activities, and Instability in Iraq’s Southern Border Area

5. Environmental Organizations as Potential Players in the Peace Process

6. Recycling Policies from the Bottom Up: Waste Work in Lebanon

7. To Bring Emissions-Slashing Technologies to Market, the United States Needs Targeted Demand-Pull Innovation Policies

8. COVID-19 and Conservation: Crisis Response Strategies that Benefit People and Nature

9. Transparency of Land-based Investments: Cameroon Country Snapshot

10. Mainstreaming Climate Change in the National Budget: Memorandum of Issues from the Review of the Budget Framework Paper FY2021/2022

11. Experimental Field Evidence of Common Pool Resources: The Water Judge in Bolivia

12. Establishing the empirical basis for tracing the development outcomes of agricultural investments

13. Nature-based solutions to development and climate change challenges: Understanding ecosystem-based adaptation approaches

14. Both hard and soft corporate practices construct and secure industrial mining operations: The case of Colombia

15. Preparatory Study for the Evaluation of Denmark's Development Cooperation on Climate Change Adaptation: Overviews and analysis of Danish support to adaptation from 2008-2018

16. Opportunities for Danish stabilisation policy to engage with climate- and livelihood-related conflict: New approaches to fragility in the Horn of Africa and Sahel

17. Assessing national laws for the implementation of CITES

18. How to rein in fossil fuel subsidies ? Towards a New WTO Regime

19. Electoral Rights of Environmentally Displaced Persons

20. Climate Policies after Paris: Pledge, Trade, and Recycle

21. Gains Associated with Linking the EU and Chinese ETS under Different Assumptions on Restrictions, Allowance Endowments, and international Trade

22. Fossil Fuel Subsidy Inventories vs. Net Carbon Prices: a Consistent Approach for Measuring Fossil Fuel Price Incentives

23. The Role of Global Climate Change in Structural Transformation of Sub-Saharan Africa

24. The Environmental Impact of Syria’s Conflict: A Preliminary Survey of Issues

25. How can activists best advance environmental reforms in MENA?

26. The Impact of Environmental Regulations on Manufacturing Outsourcing: Re-examining the Pollution Haven Effect in Global Value Chain

27. What Railway Deals Taught Chinese and Brazilians in the Amazon


29. Toward Accountable Nuclear Deterrents: How Much is Too Much?

30. Water Security in Southeast Asia: Regional, National, and Sub-national Challenges

31. The New European Commission's Green Deal and Geopolitical Language: A Critique from a Decentring Perspective

32. The impact economy: balancing profit and impact

33. Failing Africa’s Farmers: An Impact Assessment of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa

34. The European Green Deal: Assessing its current state and future implementation

35. Building the Banking Sector’s Capacity for Green Infrastructure Investments for a Low-Carbon Economy

36. Sustainable Water Resource Development Scenarios and Water Diplomacy in the Lower Mekong Basin: Policy Implications

37. he Effects of Prenatal Exposure to Plentiful Rainfall on Cognitive Development in Viet Nam

38. Comments on the Draft EIA Notification 2020

39. Understanding Climate-Security Risks: A Mechanism-based Approach

40. Sorry, but the Virus Shows Why There Won’t Be Global Action on Climate Change

41. Why the United States Should Remain Engaged on Nuclear Power: Climate Change and Air Pollution

42. COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impacts on China’s Energy Sector: A Preliminary Analysis

43. Is China Still a Developing Country? And Why It Matters for Energy and Climate

44. It’s Time to Put Climate Action at the Center of U.S. Foreign Policy

45. Warsaw, Brussels, and Europe’s Green Deal: Challenges and Opportunities in 2020

46. Green Stimulus Proposals in the United States and China

47. A Near-Term to Net Zero Alternative to the Social Cost of Carbon for Setting Carbon Prices

48. Net-Zero and Geospheric Return: Actions Today for 2030 and Beyond

49. Carbon Pricing in Organized Wholesale Electricity Markets

50. Planning a Sustainable Post-Pandemic Recovery in Latin America and the Caribbean