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1. Digitalization of Special Economic Zones in China

2. Trump ended WTO dispute settlement. Trade remedies are needed to fix it.

3. The international financial system after COVID-19

4. Socioeconomic diversity of economics PhDs

5. WTO 2025: Restoring binding dispute settlement

6. WTO 2025: Enhancing global trade intelligence

7. WTO 2025: Constructing an executive branch

8. Public responses to foreign protectionism: Evidence from the US-China trade war

9. Defying United Nations Sanctions: Three Reasons for African Engagement with North Korea

10. South Korea's Critical Moment in Digital Currency Policymaking: Between Regulating Cryptocurrencies and Launching a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

11. Revisiting the links between economic inequality and political violence: The role of social mobilization

12. Independent Assessment of the Implementation of the 2020 State Budget of Azerbaijan

13. Trade and the Spatial Distribution of Transport Infrastructure

14. The Role of Global Climate Change in Structural Transformation of Sub-Saharan Africa

15. Capitalism Recoupled

16. COVID-19 in Africa: The implications for macroeconomic and socioeconomic dimensions

17. Establishing the empirical basis for tracing the development outcomes of agricultural investments

18. Labour Reforms in the Indian State of Rajasthan: a boon or a bane?

19. Can a Machine Learn Democracy?

20. Tracking Employment Trajectories during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Evidence from Indian Panel Data

21. A Short Note on Debt-Neutral Fiscal Policy

22. Technical & Vocational Education and Training in India: Lacking Vision, Strategy and Coherence

23. Explaining COVID-19 Lockdown, Employment and Migration in India: Challenges and Prospects

24. Covid-19 Crisis: An Indictment of India’s Informal Economy

25. Down and Out? The Gendered Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on India’s Labour Market

26. How Much is a Government Job in India Worth?

27. Where Do They Come From, Where Do They Go? Labour Market Transitions in India

28. Improving Survey Quality using Para Data: Lessons from the India Working Survey

29. Financing Fiscal Support under Alternative Policy Frameworks

30. A Behavioural Perspective on the Drivers of Migration: Studying Economic and Social Preferences Using the Gallup World Poll

31. EU–Africa Partnership on Migration and Mobility in Light of COVID-19: Perspectives from North Africa

32. Economic Conditions and the Rise of Anti-Democratic Extremism

33. Gender, Selection into Employment, and the Wage Impact of Immigration

34. Risk Shocks and Divergence between the Euro Area and the US in the aftermath of the Great Recession

35. On the economic desirability of the West African monetary union: would one currency fit all?

36. Information in the First Globalization: News Agencies and Trade

37. World Interest Rates and Macroeconomic Adjustments in Developing Commodity Producing Countries

38. Economic Diversification in Africa: How and Why It Matters

39. Measuring Trade Facilitation: Evidence from India

40. The effect of recent technological change on US immigration policy

41. The Economic Impact of Political Instability and Mass Civil Protest

42. Trade Liberalization along the Firm Size Distribution: The Case of the EU-South Korea FTA

43. Thinking Outside the Container: A Machine Learning Approach to Forecasting Trade Flows

44. Restructuring Sovereign Bonds: Holdouts, Haircuts and the Effectiveness of CACs

45. The Vision Group on U.S.-ROK Relations: Insights and Recommendations

46. Limits of Public Diplomacy and Soft Power: Lessons from the THAAD Dispute for South Korea's Foreign Policy

47. 2021 Report on American Attitudes towards the U.S.-ROK Alliance and North Korea Policy

48. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the poor: Insights from the Hrishipara diaries

49. Exploring economic support networks amidst racial inequality in Namibia

50. GARCH Analyses of Risk and Uncertainty in the Theories of the Interest Rate of Keynes and Kalecki

51. Marching to Good Laws: The Impact of War, Politics, and International Credit on Reforms in Ukraine

52. Firm Profits and Government Activity: An Empirical Investigation

53. Breaking Through the Digital Ceiling: ICT Skills and Labour Market Opportunities

54. Exploring ‘Non-Tariff Measures Black Box’: Whose Regulative NTMs on Which Products Improve the Imported Quality?

55. Net Migration and its Skill Composition in the Western Balkan Countries between 2010 and 2019: Results from a Cohort Approach Analysis

56. Interrelationships between Human Capital, Migration and Labour Markets in the Western Balkans: An Econometric Investigation

57. Iranian Public Opinion At the Start of the Raisi Administration

58. Cordon of Conformity: Why DSGE models Are Not the Future of Macroeconomics

59. Country Risk

60. The Updated Okun Method for Estimation of Potential Output with Broad Measures of Labor Underutilization: An Empirical Analysis

61. Bagehot for Central Bankers

62. Automotive Global Value Chains in Europe

63. How Milton Friedman Exploited White Supremacy to Privatize Education

64. Why do Sovereign Borrowers Post Collateral? Evidence from the 19th Century

65. Inflation? It’s Import Prices and the Labor Share!

66. The Erroneous Foundations of Law and Economics

67. Nudging for Recovery: Behavioral Economics and the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan

68. EU-Turkey Economic Relations and the Customs Union: a rules-based approach

69. An Analysis of the Effects of Oil Price Fluctuations on the Conduct of Monetary Policy in the Economic

70. Better Two Eyes than One: A Synthesis Classification of Exchange Rate Regimes

71. Poor Substitutes? Counterfactual methods in IO and Trade compared

72. Long-Term Macroeconomic Projections of the World Economy

73. How Can America Challenge China's Political Ambitions in an Age of Deglobalisation?

74. Melons as Lemons: Asymmetric Information, Consumer Learning and Seller Reputation

75. Sorting, Matching and Economic Complexity

76. Economic Complexity Report for Western Australia

77. Western Australia Research Findings and Policy Recommendations

78. Let’s Take the Con Out of Randomized Control Trials in Development: The Puzzles and Paradoxes of External Validity, Empirically Illustrated

79. A Generation of Italian Economists

80. After the Fall: Lebanon’s Path towards Monetary Stabilization

81. Between Geopolitics and Geoeconomics: The Growing Role of Gulf States in the Eastern Mediterranean

82. Mapping Religion, Space, and Economic Outcomes in Indian Cities

83. Financialisation Reinforced: The Enduring Legacy of the Covid Pandemic

84. Does COVID-19 Change the Long-Term Prospects of Latecomer Industrialisation?

85. The Political Economy of Syria’s Physical Fragmentation and Dependence

86. How Central Asians Pushed Chinese Firms to Localize

87. How economic ideas led to Taiwan’s shift to export promotion in the 1950s

88. From hermit kingdom to miracle on the Han

89. Low inflation bends the Phillips curve around the world: Extended results

90. Assessing South Korea's Role in Promoting ESG Investing in the Asia-Pacific

91. Wages, Skills, and Skill-Biased Technical Change: The Canonical Model Revisited

92. Innis Lecture: Return on Student Loans in Canada

93. Heterogeneous consumer preferences for product quality and uncertainty

94. Consumer and employer discrimination in professional sports markets – New evidence from Major League Baseball

95. Low inflation bends the Phillips curve around the world

96. Export controls: America’s other national security threat

97. To what extent are tariffs offset by exchange rates?

98. Central bank policy sets the lower bound on bond yields

99. Global value chains and the removal of trade protection

100. A program for strengthening the Federal Reserve's ability to fight the next recession