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4901. Brazil’s Amazon: The Wealth of the Earth Generates the Poverty of Humankind

4902. The New Intellectual

4903. India’s Communists and the Elections of 2019. Only an Alternative Agenda Can Defeat the Right-Wing.

4904. The Implication of Teenage Pregnancies in Eswatini: A Trend and Spatial Analysis

4905. Financial Inclusion in Eswatini: What is Driving the Adoption of Mobile Money?

4906. Inequality of Opportunities in Education in Eswatini

4907. Implications of migration to cost-reflective tariffs in Eswatini’s electricity sector

4908. Harnessing the Demographic Dividend to Fast-Track Industrialisation: A Case in the ICT sector

4909. Innovation in Eswatini: past, present, and future prospects

4910. Economic Impact Analysis of Credit Guarantee Schemes in Eswatini: A Case of the Small Scale Enterprise Loan Guarantee Scheme (SSELGS)

4911. Exploring the relationship between unemployment and mental illness among the youth in selected communities of Eswatini.

4912. Stokvels: An Instrument for Income Generation and Wealth Creation?

4913. An Insight into Community-Based Ecotourism in Eswatini: Theory versus Practice

4914. Assessing the Relationship between Brain Drain and the Economy of Eswatini

4915. How Do Technical Barriers to Trade Affect Foreign Direct Investment?

4916. Dying Light: War and Trade of the Separatist-Controlled Areas of Ukraine

4917. Dynamic Interactions Between Financial and Macroeconomic Imbalances: A Panel VAR Analysis

4918. Testing the Smile Curve: Functional Specialisation in GVCs and Value Creation

4919. The Impact of Labour Market Institutions and Capital Accumulation on Unemployment: Evidence for the OECD, 1985-2013

4920. Does Economic Globalisation Affect Income Inequality? A Meta-analysis

4921. Financial Cycles in Europe: Dynamics, Synchronicity and Implications for Business Cycles and Macroeconomic Imbalances

4922. Employment Gaps Between Refugees, Migrants and Natives: Evidence from Austrian Register Based Labour Market Data

4923. Various Domains of Integration of Refugees and their Interrelationships: A Study of Recent Refugee Inflows in Austria

4924. The Effect of Stressors and Resilience Factors on Mental Health of Recent Refugees in Austria

4925. Uncertain Futures: Imaginaries, Narratives, and Calculative Technologies

4926. Competing with Whom? European Tax Competition, the “Great Fragmentation of the Firm,” and Varieties of FDI Attraction Profiles

4927. Innovation and Precarity: Workplace Discourse in Twenty-First Century Capitalism

4928. A Politics of Hope: The Making of Brazil’s Post-Neoliberal New Middle Class

4929. Changing Perspectives in Political Economy

4930. Strong Firms, Weak Banks: The Financial Consequences of Germany’s Export-Led Growth Model

4931. An Overview of German New Economic Sociology and the Contribution of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies

4932. Is There a Motherhood Penalty in Academia? The Gendered Effect of Children on Academic Publications

4933. The German Undervaluation Regime under Bretton Woods How Germany Became the Nightmare of the World Economy

4934. Factsheet: Donald Trump as Presidential Candidate & President-Elect

4935. Factsheet: Donald Trump as President of the United States

4936. Factsheet: European Foundation for Democracy

4937. Factsheet: Halal Meat Bans