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401. How Pratham Learns While Scaling: A Case Study of Adaptive Design and Evaluation

402. What Combination of Features Are Associated With Scalable and Sustainable Last-Mile Service Delivery Models? A Qualitative Comparative Analysis

403. Inequality in Chile: Perceptions and Patterns

404. Housing in Wyoming: Constraints and Solutions

405. Growth Through Inclusion in South Africa

406. Process and Implementation Evaluations: A Primer

407. A Growth Perspective on Wyoming

408. Facilitating learning and discovery oriented industrial policy in Albania

409. Seeing the Forest for More than the Trees: A Policy Strategy to Curb Deforestation and Advance Shared Prosperity in the Colombian Amazon

410. Estimation of Nonlinear Exchange Rate Dynamics in Evolving Regimes

411. Adaptive Evaluation: A Complexity-Based Approach to Systematic Learning for Innovation and Scaling in Development

412. A Growth Diagnostic of Kazakhstan

413. The Economic Complexity of Kazakhstan: A Roadmap for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

414. Brinkmanship and Nuclear Threat in the Ukraine War

415. “Nuclear Blackmail” – Misdirection in the Ukraine War Debate

416. Catastrophe: The Global Cost of the Ukraine War

417. Tempting Armageddon: The Likelihood of Russian Nuclear Use is Misconstrued in Western Policy

418. Sultan’s Landmark Speech to the Majlis Oman: A Window into Oman’s Economic Reforms

419. The Fate of Flat Tax in the EU countries

420. Place of crowdfunding in financing investment projects in Poland

421. Poverty of Circumstances and Poverty of Opportunity

422. Cooperative Federalism in India: Statutory Regulatory Authorities and the Federal System in India

423. Cooperative Federalism in India: Resetting the Fiscal Architecture: Lessons for India

424. Cooperative Federalism in India: Towards an Inter-State Migration Council

425. Cooperative Federalism in India: Institutions of Political Migration: The Office of the Governor

426. Cooperative Federalism in India: The Adjudication of Federal Disputes

427. Cooperative Federalism in India: Parallel Streams: Political Federalism and Economic Integration in India

428. Cooperative Federalism in India: The Goods and Services Tax Council: Dialectics and Design

429. Cooperative Federalism in Indi: Federal Aspects of India's Emerging Internal Migration Governance Frameworks

430. Cooperative Federalism in Indi: The Rise and Resilience of Fiscal Transfers Amidst Party System Change

431. India’s Regulatory Shift: An Examination of Five Agencies of the Post- Liberalisation Era

432. Organisation Through Neglect: Understanding Field Administration in India

433. Frontline Functionaries in India: The Absent Policy

434. Regulating Air Quality at an Airshed Level in India

435. A Health-Centred Framework for Establishing Ambient Air Quality Standards

436. Understanding Enablers and Barriers to Social Protection of Sanitation Workers

437. Gender and Just Transition: Envisioning a Gender-transformative Pathway to Energy Transition in India’s Coal States

438. Dispatches: Life Beyond the Borders

439. The EU and CT-P/CVE in its external action

440. One year of war in Ukraine

441. The Sunshine Problem: Climate Change and Managed Decline in the European Union

442. A Bitter Adjustment for German Family Capitalism: Succession and a Changing Ownership Transfer Regime

443. What Growth Strategies Do Citizens Want? Evidence from a New Survey

444. Paradigm Shifts in Macrosociology

445. Turning No Tides: Union Effects on Partisan Preferences and the Working-Class Metamorphosis

446. Top Wealth and Its Historical Origins: An Analysis of Germany’s Largest Privately Held Fortunes in 2019

447. De-colonising the Azerbaijan-Armenian Conflict: Breaking the Knot of Security and Dependence

448. China’s Grand Vision and the Persian Gulf

449. The Internationalisation of the Chinese Renminbi and China’s Digital Currency Plans

450. Turkey’s Watershed Elections: A Matter of Leadership

451. The EU and the Transformed Nuclear Context since the War in Ukraine

452. From Threat to Opportunity: Harnessing Climate Change to Build a Prosperous Future for Iraq and the Region

453. Reinventing Soft Power: The Strong Impact of China’s Soft Power “Shortcomings” on the Global South

454. China and the Global South: Many Initiatives, One Narrative

455. Transitional Justice in Iraq: The Challenges of National Healing and Recovery

456. Building Worker Power in Global Supply Chains: Lessons from Apparel, Cocoa, and Seafood

457. Activating Spaces, Scaling Up Voices: Community-based Monitoring and Planning of Health Services in Maharashtra, India

458. Local Voices, Global Action: Transnational Organizing in Apparel Supply Chains

459. Farmer Movement Oversight of Mexican Government Agricultural Programs

460. Mapping the Cloud: Big Tech Taking the Sky by Storm

461. Rentiership and Intellectual Monopoly in Contemporary Capitalism: Conceptual Challenges and Empirical Possibilities

462. Same End By Different Means: Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Meta’s Strategies to Organize Their Frontier AI Innovation Systems

463. Hazardous Drinking in Privatized Industrial Towns of Russia

464. Paying with Austerity: The Debt Crisis and Restructuring in Sri Lanka

465. The International Monetary Fund and Neonatal Mortality Rates, 1985-2018

466. Caste and Space in Indian Cities

467. Climate Adaptation and Job Creation: Addressing the Climate and Livelihoods Crises in India

468. Exchange Rate Arrangements: Fix, Float, or Manage?

469. Structural Changes and Dominance of Finance in Contemporary Capitalism

470. Gold in Ghana: A Story of Unbalanced Exchange

471. Cocoa in Ghana, the ‘Political Crop’: Does State Control Shield the Cocoa Sector from Exposure to Capital Flight?

472. Capital Flight from Natural Resource-Dependent African Countries: Updated Estimates and Analysis for the Cases of Cameroon, Ghana, and Zambia, 1970-2021

473. Optimal Inflation Targeting With Anchoring

474. The Socioeconomic and Gendered Organization of Social Reproduction in the Anglo-American Welfare Model: Transformations in the US and UK over Four Decades

475. Not So Clear: Revisiting the Impacts of Cap-and-Trade on Environmental Justice

476. China’s Changing COVID-19 Policies: Market and Public Health

477. The Crisis of Capitalism, the Noun

478. Federal Reserve Monetary Policy and Wealth Inequality

479. Factsheet: Giorgia Meloni

480. Factsheet: Vienna Forum on Countering Segregation and Extremism in the Context of Integration

481. Factsheet: Manfred Weber

482. Factcheck: Christchurch Terror Attacks on Mosques

483. Factsheet: Magnus Ranstorp

484. Factsheet: Sameh Egyptson

485. Factsheet: Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (VHPA)

486. Factsheet: Friedrich Merz

487. Factsheet: Coalition of Hindus of North America (CoHNA)

488. Factsheet: War on Drugs: Surveillance

489. Factsheet: War on Terror

490. Factsheet: Stop Extremism

491. Factsheet: Global Hindu Heritage Foundation

492. Factsheet: Sigrid Herrmann-Marschall

493. Factsheet: Nina Scholz

494. The Implementation of Sustainability Taxonomies: The Case of South Africa

495. Learning from KfW’s Ex-Post Evaluations? How Conflicting Objectives Can Limit their Usefulness

496. What Role for Aid for Trade in (Deep) PTA Relations? Empirical Evidence from Gravity Model Estimations

497. Political Participation Patterns of the Emerging Middle Classes in Peru and the Philippines

498. The Role of Social Protection in Environmental Fiscal Reforms

499. Green Hydrogen: Implications for International Cooperation With Special Reference to South Africa

500. Urbanisation and Social Cohesion: Theory and Empirical Evidence from Africa