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4801. Advancing SDGs in International Investment Agreements: Building Peace and Justice through General Exceptions Clauses

4802. Leveraging Media Coverage of Disasters to Support Disaster Risk Reduction

4803. Emerging Countries in Global Financial Standard Setting: Explaining Relative Resilience and Its Implications

4804. Governance of Marine Geoengineering

4805. Indigenous Data Sovereignty: Retooling Indigenous Resurgence for Development

4806. The Evolving Singapore Agrifood Ecosystem

4807. Global Waste Trade Chaos: Rising Environmentalism or Cost-Benefit Analysis?

4808. Resource Sharing and Joint Development in the South China Sea: Exploring Avenues of Cooperation

4809. Turkey and China Tie Themselves in Knots Over Syria and Xinjiang

4810. Commerical Space: Space Controls and the Invisible Hand

4811. Future Space Controls and the Invisible Hand

4812. Capital Controls and International Trade: An Industry Financial Vulnerability Perspective

4813. Did Trump's Trade War Impact the 2018 Election?

4814. Global Dimensions of US Monetary Policy

4815. WTO'ing a Resolution to the China Subsidy Problem

4816. Should Monetary Policy Take Inequality and Climate Change into Account?

4817. Inflation Targets in Latin America

4818. Protectionism under Trump: The China Shock, Intolerance, and the "First White President"

4819. International Coordination of Economic Policies in the Global Financial Crisis: Successes, Failures, and Consequences

4820. Aggregate Effects of Budget Stimulus: Evidence from the Large Fiscal Expansions Database

4821. EU Trade Policy amid the China-US Clash: Caught in the Cross-Fire?

4822. Creating a Euro Area Safe Asset without Mutualizing Risk (Much)

4823. Measuring the Rise of Economic Nationalism

4824. Does Trade Reform Promote Economic Growth? A Review of Recent Evidence

4825. How to Restructure Sovereign Debt: Lessons from Four Decades

4826. The 2018 US-China Trade Conflict after 40 Years of Special Protection

4827. Low Inflation Bends the Phillips Curve

4828. Brexit: Everyone Loses, but Britain Loses the Most

4829. The Political Economy of Testing in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa

4830. Are the Pacific Islands Insurable? Challenges and Opportunities for Disaster Risk Finance

4831. Marginal, Not Transformational: Development Finance Institutions and the Sustainable Development Goals

4832. Teacher Professional Development around the World: The Gap between Evidence and Practice

4833. Multilingual Assessment of Early Child Development: Analyses from Repeated Observations of Children in Kenya

4834. What Is “Country Ownership”? A Formal Exploration of the Aid Relationship

4835. Formal Employment and Organized Crime: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Colombia

4836. The Self-government Constitutes an Essential Element of the Civil Security in Polish Political Thought after 1989

4837. U.S. Trade Policy in North America, China, and Beyond

4838. Labor Institutions and Development Under Globalization

4839. Publishing and Promotion in Economics: The Tyranny of the Top Five

4840. Gender Quota Legal Brief

4841. Youth Employment in Botswana: Comparative Analysis of 2009/10 and 2015/16

4842. Gender and Corruption in Botswana: Perceptions, Participation and Considerations for Anti-Corruption Policy

4843. Impacts of Access to ICTs on Employment Status in Botswana

4844. The Impact of Business Regulatory Quality on Private Sector Investment in Botswana

4845. The Impact of Infrastructure on Economic Growth in Botswana

4846. Consumption Inequality in Botswana: The Decomposition of the Gini Coefficient of Consumer Expenditures

4847. Structural Transformation and Fiscal Policy in Botswana

4848. The Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Capital Market Development in Botswana’s Economy

4849. Education and Labour Market Activity of Women in Botswana

4850. Financial Inclusion and its Impact on Employment Creation in Botswana

4851. Challenges of Project Implementation in Local Government: The Case of Francistown City Council and Kweneng District Council

4852. 2019 Guide to Women Leaders in International Affairs

4853. Responding to Earthquakes

4854. Beyond the Numbers: How qualitative approaches can improve monitoring of humanitarian action

4855. Back to the Drawing Board: How to improve monitoring of outcomes

4856. Stabanisation: A discussion paper about disrupting backlash by reclaiming LGBTI voices in the African church landscape

4857. Get Real: A discussion paper about whether a compliance-based approach to LGBTI economic empowerment can work in South Africa

4858. A Dialogue of Rivers

4859. A Dialogue of Rivers: The River & I

4860. Behavioural Change Communication (BCC) Approach for BRAC: A Formative Research

4861. Implementing the Second National Plan of Action for Nutrition (NPAN-2): A 3M Governance Framework

4862. Rapid Care Analysis as a Qualitative Research Tool to Explore Unpaid Care Work: Experience from Char Area in Bangladesh

4863. Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives in Bangladesh After Rana Plaza: Global Norms and Workers’ Perspectives

4864. Changes in Women’s Lives Through Paid Work and NGO Membership: Qualitative Evidence From Two Villages in Bangladesh

4865. The Political Economy of Diaspora Remittances in the Ethiopian Somali Region

4866. Examining the Divergence in State and Civic Engagements: How Bilateral Tourism Can Help Facilitate Reconciliation between South Korea and Japan

4867. Promoting the Well-Being of North Korea’s Residents and Refugees through US-ROK Cooperation

4868. Trade And Foreign Direct Investment Nexus In West Africa: Does Export Category Matter?

4869. From Research to Market:What the EU can learn from the USA?

4870. Ten years after EULEX: Key principles for future EU flagship initiatives on the rule of law

4871. EU policy on strengthening resilience in Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia

4872. Conflicting objectives of EU conditionality uncovered

4873. Rentier economy of the Kurdish region in Iraq as a source of barriers for the regional security sector reform

4874. Pitfalls of Aiming to Empower the Bottom from the Top: The Case of Philippine Participatory Budgeting

4875. Movement-building for Accountability: Learning from Indonesian Women’s Organizing

4876. Educational Accountability or Social Accountability in Education? Similarities, Tensions, and Differences

4877. Drug Policy and Deprivation of Liberty

4878. US-Iran Showdown Begins in Iraq

4879. Forecasting the Mideast in 2020

4880. The Russian Role in World Affairs: A View from Israel

4881. The Gulf: Signs of a Partial Thaw in the Intra-Sunni Cold War?

4882. The Battle for Northwestern Syria: Better Sooner than Later

4883. Erdogan’s Dangerous Diagonal: What can be Done to Counter Turkey’s EEZ claims?

4884. American Sanctions and Military Action against Iran

4885. The Fighting Continues in Northern Syria

4886. Through a Different Lens: The Mideast as Seen from Doha

4887. Protests in Iran and Trump’s Maximum Pressure Campaign

4888. Russia-Israel Relations: Expectations and Reality

4889. Making the Best of US Withdrawal from Syria

4890. Editing Biosecurity: Needs and Strategies for Governing Genome Editing

4891. The Fate of Xolobeni Would Be the Fate Of Us All

4892. Peace, Neoliberalism, and Political Shifts in Colombia

4893. Latin America and the Caribbean: Between the Neoliberal Offensive and New Resistances

4894. The Neoliberal Attack on Rural India

4895. A Brief History of South Africa’s Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union (1919-1931)

4896. Iranians Will Not Forget.

4897. The Only Answer is to Mobilise the Workers. An Interview with K. Hemalata, President of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions.

4898. Venezuela and Hybrid Wars in Latin America

4899. Resource Sovereignty: The Agenda for Africa’s Exit from the State Plunder

4900. The Art of the Revolution will be Internationalist