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301. Association between Caste and Class in India: Evolution of Caste-Class Dynamics during Economic Growth

302. What did they say? Respondent identity, question framing and the measurement of employment

303. Jobless growth and structural transformation: Some theoretical considerations and empirical evidence from India

304. Telephone surveys for data collection – some reflections

305. The Unhappy Marriage of Women’s Work and Spousal Violence in India

306. Estimating the productivity gap between organised and unorganised small-scale units in India’s manufacturing sector

307. Labour Market Flows and Gender Differentials in Urban Unemployment Over the Pandemic

308. Prescription for Military Paralysis: Wartime Reactor Meltdowns (Occasional Paper 2305)


310. An Overview of the African Peacebuilding Network’s (APN’s) Contribution to African Peacebuilding Literature

311. Striking evidence: The impact of railway strikes on competition from intercity bus services in Germany

312. Carbon Capture and Storage - Publics in five countries around the North Sea prefer to do it on their own territory

313. Spatial Wage Inequality in North America and Western Europe: Changes Between and Within Local Labour Markets 1975-2019

314. It’s not a Sprint, it’s a Marathon: Reviewing Governmental R&D Support for Environmental Innovation

315. The Labor Market Effects of Disability Benefit Loss

316. Time to say goodbye? The impact of environmental regulation on foreign divestment

317. Regional Development and Internal Migration Aspects of Structural Transformation: A Case Study of Senegal

318. Export impact on dividend policy for big Colombian exporting firms, 2006–2014

319. China as an International Lender of Last Resort

320. To Russia with Love? The Impact of Sanctions on Regime Support

321. Exchange Rate Pass-Around

322. Blowback: The Effect of Sanctions on Democratic Elections

323. Who is to suffer? Quantifying the impact of sanctions on German firms

324. Potential efficiency gains from the introduction of an emissions trading system for the buildings and road transport sectors in the European Union

325. Is the supermultiplier nil? - A Replication Study of Deleidi and Mazzucato (2021)

326. The path of economics research production: Insights into the seesaw between theory and empirics

327. Technology will save the climate! Attitudes towards Norway’s climate policy in four social groups

328. The Ukraine Support Tracker: Which countries help Ukraine and how?

329. Patterns of Global and Regional Value Chain Participation in the EAC

330. Exposure to War and Its Labor Market Consequences over the Life Cycle

331. Africa’s Businesswomen – Underfunded or Underperforming?

332. The Many Facets of EEZ Fisheries Disputes and their Resolution under UNCLOS

333. NATO in the North: The emerging division of labour in Northern European security

334. Enhancing small state preparedness: Risks of foreign ownership, supply disruptions and technological dependencies

335. Mapping Pathways for Peace through the Composition of Official Development Assistance

336. Governance Practices in Turkey: A Comparative Perspective

337. Made in Europe: An EU Green Industrial Plan to respond to the challenge of US and Chinese protectionism

338. Turkey’s Kurds: Kingmakers in the upcoming elections?

339. Hydrodiplomacy and the Food, Water and Energy Nexus: A holistic approach for transboundary cooperation and peace

340. The Greek Defence Sector: Turning the Page?

341. Domestic implementation of European Court of Human Rights’ judgments related to immigration in Greece

342. The Syrian Civil War Twelve Years On: Can There Be a Constructive Role for Greece?

343. Dersimli Kemal for President?

344. Drafting Greece’s “Internal Security Strategy” – Challenges and Prospects

345. A New New Turkey? What an Opposition Victory Would Mean for Ankara’s Foreign Policy

346. Diplomatic scramble: Greek foreign policy towards Libya

347. The EU’s approach to climate mobility: Which way forward?

348. Towards common accord? The European Union contemplates treaty change

349. Ending the HIV epidemic in Europe: Moving toward the 2030 sustainable development goals

350. Violence against women: A public health crisis

351. Digitalisation: An enabler for the clean energy transition

352. Resetting the EU’s business model after the watershed

353. Addressing Cohesion Policy’s identity crisis in a changing European Union

354. Raising the stakes on constitutional reform: The European Parliament triggers treaty change

355. Quantum technologies and value chains: Why and how Europe must act now

356. Funding the EU’s external migration policy: ‘Same old’ or potential for sustainable collaboration?

357. The US-EU Trade and Technology Council: Assessing the record on data and technology issues

358. Regulating platform work: How will this impact migrant workers?

359. One step closer to getting the EU Migration Pact done. One step closer to ambitious change?

360. Leaving Dayton for Brussels: Reviving Bosnia’s constitutional reform

361. Towards a cleaner air in Europe: Time for a stronger vision and more action

362. A quantum cybersecurity agenda for Europe

363. Soldiers out, civilians left behind: EU lessons from the evacuation of Kabul

364. EU-Ukraine wartime trade: Overcoming difficulties, forging a European path

365. Is the European Health Union ready for the challenges of the 21st century?

366. Planetary health: A holistic vision for people and the planet

367. The Nexus Approach: Bringing together climate, human security, and demographic change in times of permacrisis

368. Peninsula Plus: Enhancing U.S.–South Korea Alliance Cooperation on China, Multilateralism, and Military and Security Technologies

369. Buying Time: Logistics for a New American Way of War

370. Charting a Transatlantic Approach to Russia: A Working Paper of the Transatlantic Forum on Russia

371. RCEP and Indonesia: Economic Reform and Prospects for Implementation

372. Impacts of FDI Presence and Product Sophistication on the Demand for Skilled and Unskilled Labour: Evidence from SMEs in Viet Nam

373. Adoption of Sustainable Practices for Improving Agricultural Productivity in Viet Nam

374. Productivity Effects of Viet Nam’s Rice Land Restrictions

375. Foreign Direct Investment, Agglomeration, and Production Networks in Indonesian Manufacturing

376. Divergence in Non-Tariff Measures and the Quality of Traded Products

377. Does the Skill Premium Influence Educational Decisions? Evidence from Viet Nam

378. Technological Innovation and the Development of the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Industry Based on Patent Value Analysis

379. Structural Changes and the Impact of FDI on Singapore’s Manufacturing Activities

380. Investment Facilitation and Promotion in Cambodia: Impact of Provincial-level Characteristics on Multinational Activities

381. What Japanese Tourism Amenities are Influenced in Terms of Affecting Inbound Tourist Demand?

382. The COVID-19 Pandemic and World Machinery Trade Network

383. The Effects of the United States-China Trade War During the COVID-19 Pandemic on Global Supply Chains: Evidence from Viet Nam

384. The Role of Export Incentives and Bank Credit on the Export Survival of Firms in India During COVID-19

385. Global Value Chain Disruptions and Firm Survival During COVID-19: An Empirical Investigation

386. Industry Agglomeration, Urban Amenities, and Regional Development in India

387. ASEAN Digital Community 2045

388. Accelerating AI in ASEAN: Addressing Disparities, Challenges, and Regional Policy Imperatives

389. Restoring Competitive Politics: Electoral Contestation and the Future in Turkey and India, and Iran and Russia

390. China-US Competition in the Balkans Impact, regional responses, and larger implications

391. China’s Semiconductors Reflections on Sources and Solutions to an Expensive Problem

392. Is Feminist Foreign Policy driving progress for women’s representation in diplomacy?

393. NATO’s 2022 Strategic Concept: One Year On

394. China’s smart cities and the future of geopolitics

395. Countering United Front Work: Taiwan’s Political Warfare System

396. The Energy Crisis Requires a Military Solution that Compels NATO to Spend like Estonia

397. China’s Global Strategy as Science Fiction

398. China’s Provinces as Global Actors: Evidence from China-Africa Relations

399. Pandemic-era Inflation Drivers and Global Spillovers

400. Towards a Sustainable Recovery for Lebanon’s Economy