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1. Border Nation: The Reshaping of the Syrian-Turkish Borderlands

2. WTO 2025: Getting back to the negotiating table

3. Saudi Arabia’s Engagement in the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

4. The Abraham Accords, Two Years On: Impressive Progress, Multiple Challenges, and Promising Potential

5. Peace treaty between Azerbaijan and Armenia: Who will economically win?

6. The EU–Ukraine Association Agreement after Ukraine’s EU membership application: Still fit for purpose

7. Everything Counts: Building a Control Regime for Nonstrategic Nuclear Warheads in Europe

8. The Ethnic Chapter of Colombia’s Peace Agreement Five Years On: An Independent Assessment

9. Drug Policy in Colombia: The Road to a Just Regulation

10. Taking Stock of the Arms Trade Treaty: Universalization

11. Taking Stock of the Arms Trade Treaty: Scope

12. Taking Stock of the Arms Trade Treaty: Processes and Forums

13. Taking Stock of the Arms Trade Treaty: International Assistance to Support Implementation

14. Revisiting and going beyond the EU-Turkey migration agreement of 2016: an opportunity for Greece to overcome being just “Europe’s aspis”

15. The EU–UK relationship: It is what it is

16. After Brexit: Could bilateral agreements facilitate the free movement of persons?

17. President Biden Has Five Options for Future Negotiations with Iran

18. Morocco’s Normalization with Israel: The Party for Justice and Development (PJD)’s Reaction

19. The UAE and Israel: Developing Relations and the Challenge Ahead

20. Social clauses in trade agreements: implications and action points for the private sector in developing countries

21. Trade Liberalization along the Firm Size Distribution: The Case of the EU-South Korea FTA

22. Don’t Interfere, Integrate: China Proposes (Yet Another) Middle East Peace Initiative

23. Ramifications of an American Return to the 2015 Nuclear Agreement

24. America Should Not Make the Mistake of Adopting the Arab Interpretation of UN Resolution 242

25. No Agreement is Better than Another Bad Agreement with Iran

26. Turkish-Iranian Rift: An Opportunity for Israel

27. Iran Raises the Stakes for Biden

28. Europe Needs a Regional Strategy on Iran

29. Dealing Preventively with NPT Withdrawal

30. The NPT turns 50: Will it get to 60?

31. The Impact of the EAEU-Iran Preferential Trade Agreement

32. Turbulence in arms control: Open Skies Treaty became a victim of the great power competition

33. Strengthening Global Regimes: Addressing the Threat Posed by Chemical Weapons

34. The implications of a no-deal Brexit for the EU

35. The upcoming New Pact on Migration and Asylum: Will it be up to the challenge?

36. Elite Political Cues and Attitude Formation in Post-Conflict Contexts

37. Stormy Waters in the Eastern Mediterranean

38. An Israeli-Sudanese Rapprochement? Context, Interests, and Implications

39. “Gulf citizens against normalization”: Reactions to Israel’s normalization agreements with the UAE and Bahrain

40. Israel-Jordan Cooperation in 2019: Continued Deterioration

41. Israel and the UAE: Old New Friends

42. Coming out and breaking out: The US, Iran and Europe go nuclear

43. Transnational Cooperation in Times of Rapid Global Changes: The Arctic Council as a Success Case?

44. East Asia decouples from the United States: Trade war, COVID-19, and East Asia's new trade blocs

45. Greater than the Sum of its Parts?: How does Austria Profit from a Widening Network of EU Free Trade Agreements?

46. UAE treaty part of a much bigger game

47. Tempered Euphoria on the UAE-Israel Agreement

48. Phased Territorial Implementation of the Trump Peace Plan

49. Implementing Elements of the Trump Plan: An Opportunity to Give New Life to the Two-State Option

50. 15 reasons to embrace the Trump Plan