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151. Carbon border adjustments, climate clubs, and subsidy races when climate policies vary

152. Saving the WTO from the national security exception

153. Industrial policy for electric vehicle supply chains and the US-EU fight over the Inflation Reduction Act

154. Rallying Around the Flag: War Challenges and Civic Mobilization in UkraineRallying Around the Flag: War Challenges and Civic Mobilization in Ukraine

155. Macro-financial implications of public debt in South Africa: The role of financial regimes

156. Nation building in post-conflict settings: Evidence from South Africa

157. Structural transformation and sources of growth in Turkey

158. Structural change and the National Initiative for Human Development in Morocco

159. Forced migration, aid effectiveness, and the humanitarian–development nexus: The case of Germany’s P4P programme

160. Structural transformation and international trade: Evidence from the China shock

161. Digital de-industrialization, global value chains, and structural transformation: Empirical evidence from low- and middle-income countries

162. Gendered implications of the waves of COVID19 and economic upgrading trajectories in digital value chains: Insights from Kenyan agricultural platforms

163. Language and student learning: Evidence from an ethnographic study in Mozambique

164. Welfare losses, preferences for redistribution, and political participation: Evidence from the United Kingdom’s age of austerity

165. Sanction-busting through tax havens

166. Employment transitions with high unemployment and a small informal sector: Examining worker flows during normal and recessionary periods in South Africa

167. More information, better knowledge? The effects of information campaigns on aid beneficiaries’ knowledge of aid projects

168. Armed group opportunism in the face of recent crises: COVID-19 and climate change

169. European aid to the MENA region after the Arab uprisings: A window of opportunity missed

170. India’s economic development since independence: An interpretative survey

171. India’s development cooperation in Africa: The case of ‘Solar Mamas’ who bring light

172. Fiscal dependence on extractive revenues: Measurement and concepts

173. The violent legacy of fascism: Neofascist political violence in Italy, 1969–88

174. Assessment of institutional set-up of results measurement and reporting systems for non-sovereign operations in development finance institutions

175. Absolute or relative: perceptions of inequality among young adults in Mozambique

176. Building resilience knowledge for sustainable development: Insights from development studies

177. Migration out of poverty: The case of post-war migration in Mozambique

178. Armed groups’ modes of local engagement and post-conflict (in)stability: Insights from the Ethiopian and Somali civil wars

179. ‘Ten pound touts’: post-conflict trust and the legacy of counterinsurgency in Northern Ireland

180. Trade sanctions and informal employment

181. Gender and poverty as a feminist foreign policy priority

182. Peacebuilding and feminist foreign policy

183. US strategy and force posture for an era of nuclear tripolarity

184. India’s personal data protection act and the politics of digital governance

185. Bangladesh draft data protection act 2023: Potential and pitfalls

186. The NewSpace market: Capital, control, and commercialization

187. Undermining Ukraine: How the Kremlin employs information operations to erode global confidence in Ukraine

188. United States–China semiconductor standoff: A supply chain under stress

189. In Support of Market-Driven Standards

190. What is Wrong with Europe’s Shattered Single Market? – Lessons from Policy Fragmentation and Misdirected Approaches to EU Competition Policy

191. Strategic Autonomy and the Competitiveness of Europe’s Innovative Pharmaceutical Sector: A Wake-up Call

192. Increasing Systemic Legal Risks in the EU: The Economic Impacts of Changes to the EU’s Product Liability Legislation

193. The Insurance Implications of Government Student Loan Repayment Schemes

194. State Upgrading in Global Value Chains and Production Networks: A Conceptual Note

195. Centralization in National High-Performance Sports Systems: Reasons, Processes, Dimensions, Characteristics, and Open Questions

196. Erdoğan's Re-election as President Raises Concerns among Allies

197. EU-South Korea Extend Cooperation Beyond the Economy

198. Examining Changes in Regional Cooperation in Central Europe from a Polish Perspective

199. What is the Significance of Prigozhin's Revolt for Russian Security Policy?

200. EU Development Cooperation Policy Shifts from Charity to Self-interest