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8451. The Fiscal Impact of Immigration

8452. The China-EU BIT: The emerging "Global BIT 2.0"?

8453. Before "DarkSeoul" Becomes "DestroySeoul"

8454. A People of War or Peace? Americans' Attitudes Towards the Use of Military Force Abroad in Terrorist and Conflict Situations

8455. Middle East 2020: Shaped by or Shaper of Global Trends?

8456. How Has the Developing World Changed since the Late 1990s? A Dynamic and Multidimensional Taxonomy of Developing Countries

8457. The Iranian Sea-Air-Missile Threat to Gulf Shipping

8458. Not Just in Transit: Drugs, the State and Society in West Africa

8459. Trade policy issues in the Wider Europe - that led to war and not yet to peace

8460. Transatlantic Economic Agreements: Parsing CETA and TTIP

8461. What Drove the Mid-2000s' Explosiveness in Alternative Energy Stock Prices? Evidence from US, European and Global Indices

8462. The Role of the Informal Economy in Addressing Urban Food Insecurity in Sub-Saharan Africa

8463. Making Sense of the "International Community"

8464. High Stakes for Young Lives: Examining Strategies to Stop Child Marriage

8465. Southeast Asia's Regression From Democracy and Its Implications

8466. Fragile States, Fragile Lives

8467. Women and Girls in the Afghanistan Transition

8468. Japan's New Politics and the U.S.-Japan Alliance

8469. Gender equality and land administration: the case of Zambia

8470. Gender Equality Concerns in Ghana's Land Reform: Current challenges and the role of donors

8471. Energy efficiency: the ever neglected priority of the European energy strategy

8472. Game of zones. The quest for influence in Europe's neighbourhood

8473. John Anderson's Data Mining Mission to Sumatra in 1823: When Method Creates the Object

8474. A Summary of the Liveability Ranking and Overview

8475. The Fiscal Impact of Immigration

8476. Does Immigration Impact Economic Freedom?

8477. Building Networks of Diplomatic Cooperation: Opportunities for U.S.-Venezuela Science Cooperation

8478. The Impact of Asian Investment on Africa's Textile Industries

8479. Who Runs the International System? Power and the Staffing of the United Nations Secretariat

8480. Examining China's Assertiveness through the Eyes of Chinese IR Scholars

8481. Water Pressures in Central Asia

8482. Qatar and the Recalibration of Power in the Gulf

8483. Neoliberalism without Neoliberals Evidence from the Rise of 401(k) Retirement Plans

8484. The Federal Reserve Engages the World (1970–2000): An Insider's Narrative of the Transition to Managed Floating and Financial Turbulence

8485. Demographic versus Cyclical Influences on US Labor Force Participation

8486. Oil Prices and Interstate Conflict Behavior

8487. Does Clientelism Work? A Test os Guessability in India

8488. The State of REDD+ Finance

8489. Self-Selection into Credit Markets: Evidence from Agriculture in Mali

8490. Pathways to Security Council Reform

8491. Rethinking Afghan Local Governance Aid After Transition

8492. Fiji’s election and Australia: the terms of re-engagement

8493. Making Social Rights Real: Implementation Strategies for Courts, Decision Makers and Civil Society

8494. Use of National Currencies for Trade Settlement in East Asia: A Proposal

8495. Rethinking Monetary and Financial Policies in China

8496. Delayed Overshooting: It's an 80s Puzzle

8497. Trade Liberalization and Aggregate Matching Function in India

8498. A Risk Map of Markups: Why We Observe Mixed Behaviors of Markups

8499. A Proposal for a New Regional Financial Arrangement: The Reserve Liquidity Line

8500. Regional Currency Settlements in East Asia: Risks and Tasks for Korea