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8401. Russia's Hybrid Warfare -Waging War below the Radar of Traditional Collective Defence

8402. The "Home Game" - Countering Violent Extremism within NATO

8403. The Indian Ocean Tsunami, 10 Years On: Lessons from the response and ongoing humanitarian funding challenges

8404. How Effective are Benefits Sanctions? An investigation into the effectiveness of the post-2012 sanctions regime for Jobseeker's Allowance claimants

8405. Missed Again: Making space for partnership in the typhoon Haiyan response

8406. From Words to Facts: Acting on climate change in Central America

8407. Emergency Use Only: Understanding and reducing the use of food banks in the UK

8408. Meaningful Action: Effective approaches to women's economic empowerment in agriculture

8409. Hidden Hunger in South Africa: The faces of hunger and malnutrition in a food-secure nation

8410. A Sign of Things to Come? Examining four major climate-related disasters, 2010-2013, and their impacts on food security

8411. The UN Climate Summit's Public–Private Action Announcements: Sorting the promising from the greenwash

8412. The Politics of Polarization: Governance and Party System Change in Latin America, 1990–2010

8413. Strengthening Democratic Quality: Reactive Deliberation in the Context of Direct Democracy

8414. A Lexical Index of Electoral Democracy

8415. Still making it: An analysis of manufacturing labour costs in China

8416. Something in the Air: "Isolationism," Defense Spending, and the US Public Mood

8417. China-Myanmar Relations Since Naypyidaw's Political Transition: How Beijing can Balance Short-term Interests and Long-term Values

8418. Harvard-Tsinghua Workshop on Market Mechanisms to Achieve a Low-Carbon Future for China

8419. Low Carbon Shanghai Avoiding Carbon Lock-In through Sustainable Urbanization

8420. Cutting Too Deep: The Obama Administration's Proposals for Nuclear Security Spending Reductions

8421. The Bottom Line Investing For Impact on Economic Mobility In The U.S: "Insights from Abroad: Impact Investing in Emerging Markets"

8422. Tectonic Shifts in the U.S. Electricity Sector

8423. Legal Mechanisms for Governing the Transition of Key Domain Name Functions to the Global Multi-stakeholder Community

8424. Disclosure-based Governance for Climate Engineering Research

8425. Comments on the September 29, 2014 FSB Consultative Document, "Cross-Border Recognition of Resolution Action"

8426. From "Taoguang Yanghui" to "Yousuo Zuowei": China's Engagement in Financial Minilateralism

8427. Legal Interoperability as a Tool for Combatting Fragmentation

8428. Innovations in Global Governance: Toward a Distributed Internet Governance Ecosystem

8429. The Case for a New Federalism in Libya

8430. International in Life, National in Death? Banking Nationalism on the Road to Banking Union

8431. Preventing Corruption in Humanitarian Operations

8432. National Integrity System Assessment – Israel, 2013

8433. Transparency in corporate reporting: assessing the world's largest companies (2014)

8434. Exporting Corruption: Progress Report 2014: Assessing enforcement of the OECD Convention on Combating Foreign Bribery

8435. Real lives, true stories

8436. Staying on side: how to stop match-fixing

8437. Anti-Corruption Kit: 15 ideas for young activists

8438. Protecting climate finance: An anti-corruption assessment of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility

8439. Limits of Control — Challenges to Spatiotemporal Analysis of Sub-State War

8440. Governance Transfer by the Southern African Development Community (SADC). A B2 Case Study Report

8441. Governance Transfer by the Organization of American States (OAS). A B2 Case Study Report

8442. Governance Transfer in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). A B2 Case Study Report

8443. Identifying Binding Constraints in Pacific Island Economies

8444. The Ontological (In)security of Similarity: Wahhabism versus Islamism in Saudi Foreign Policy

8445. The Heterogeneity of FDI in Sub-Saharan Africa: How Do the Horizontal Productivity Effects of Emerging Investors Differ from Those of Traditional Players?

8446. International Sanctions against Iran under President Ahmadinejad: Explaining Regime Persistence

8447. The Institutional Presidency from a Comparative Perspective: Argentina and Brazil since the 1980s

8448. A Ticking "Time Bomb"? ‒ Youth Employment Problems in China

8449. The Politics of Polarization: Governance and Party System Change in Latin America, 1990–2010

8450. The Emerging Global Health Crisis