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8251. The Failure of the Security Paradigm in Syria: The human security perspective

8252. Stunted Growth: Why Don't African Firms Create More Jobs?

8253. Rethinking the Financial Design of the World Bank

8254. The Median Is the Message: A Good-Enough Measure of Material Well-Being and Shared Development Progress

8255. Estimating Illicit Flows of Capital via Trade Mispricing: A Forensic Analysis of Data on Switzerland

8256. Estimating Illicit Flows of Capital via Trade Mispricing: A Forensic Analysis of Data on Switzerland

8257. Afghanistan: the view from Russia

8258. The Shadow of Urbanization: The Periurban Interface of Five Indian Cities in Transition

8259. Left in the Cold? The ELN and Colombia's Peace Talks

8260. The Road to 2014: Corruption, the Media and Parties' Electability

8261. Scarcity without Leviathan: The Violent Effects of Cocaine Supply Shortages in the Mexican Drug War

8262. Development as Diffusion: Manufacturing Productivity and Sub-Saharan Africa's Missing Middle

8263. From Maize to Haze: Agricultural Shocks and the Growth of the Mexican Drug Sector

8264. Migration as a Strategy for Household Finance: A Research Agenda on Remittances, Payments, and Development

8265. Foreign investments in Uganda's oil sector: linkages and issues for the local economy

8266. Social Accountability and Public Service Delivery in Rural Africa

8267. Cooperative Security: NATO's Partnership Policy in a Changing World

8268. Harvard Field Study Course: International Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

8269. Threat Perceptions and Drivers of Change in Nuclear Security Around the World: Results of a Survey

8270. Process Lessons Learned in Yemen's National Dialogue

8271. Facing West, Facing North: Canada and Australia in East Asia

8272. Reforming Finance: Macro and Micro Perspectives

8273. Worldwide Cost of Living 2014: Which city is the most expensive to live in? Which city is the cheapest?

8274. Vertically Integrated Peace Building and Community Violence Reduction in Haiti

8275. Reforming the International Monetary System in the 1970s and 2000s: Would an SDR Substitution Account Have Worked?

8276. Promoting the International Use of Emerging Country Currencies: The Case of Local Currency Debt Issuance for Latin America and the Caribbean

8277. From enclave to linkage economies? A review of the literature on linkages between extractive multinational corporations and local industry in Africa

8278. Migration and social mobility in Burkina Faso: historical perspectives on the migration divide

8279. The Development of Natural Resource Linkages in Mozambique: The Ruling Elite Capture of New Economic Opportunities

8280. Conditions for a Successful Transition in Afghanistan Post-2014

8281. The Democratic Party Convention and Yudhoyono's Possible Game Plan

8282. From Transformation to Mediation: The Arab Spring Reframed

8283. The India-Australia Strategic Relationship: Defining Realistic Expectations

8284. Time to Reset the European Neighborhood Policy

8285. Scaling Clean Energy: Lessons Learned and New Approaches

8286. Toward the Next Phase of Open Government

8287. A High-Carbon Partnership? Chinese-Latin American Relations in a Carbon-Constrained World

8288. Promoting Inclusive Growth in Arab Countries: Rural and Regional Development and Inequality in Tunisia

8289. Jordan: The Geopolitical Service Provider

8290. Supporting The Internet as a Platform for International Trade

8291. Designing Youth Employment Policies in Egypt

8292. Improving Regional and Rural Development for Inclusive Growth in Egypt

8293. Egypt's Difficult Transition: Why the International Community Must Stay Economically Engaged

8294. Do Trends in U.S. Inequality Matter for Norms of Global Governance? Concepts and Empirics for Debate

8295. The Wisdom of Crowd-Funders: What Motivates Cross-Border Private Development Aid?

8296. The Loss of French Musical Property During World War II: Post-War Repatriations, Restitutions, and 21st Century Ramifications

8297. Implementation of EU Waste Recycling Regulation in Macedonia: The Challenges of Policy Integration and Normative Change

8298. Does Violence Pay? The Effect of Ethnic Rebellion on Overcoming Political Deprivation

8299. Climate Change Resilience: The case of Haiti

8300. Effective Public Policies and Active Citizenship: Brazil's experience of building a food and nutrition security system