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8251. Education Reform in Pakistan

8252. Protecting China's Overseas Interests: The Slow Shift away from Non-interference

8253. Women's Political Participation In Sub-Saharan Africa

8254. Fostering Pro-social Behaviour Online: 'Nudges' in the Right Direction

8255. Sovereign Debt Crisis Management: Lessons from the 2012 Greek Debt Restructuring

8256. Questions about the Geopolitics of Climate Engineering

8257. Shadow Wars of Weapons Acquisition: Arms Denial and its Strategic Implications

8258. The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood's Failures

8259. Why Defense Matters: A New Narrative for NATO

8260. Withdrawing incentives to attract FDI: Can host countries put the genie back in the bottle?

8261. How Should Donors Respond to Resource Windfalls in Poor Countries?

8262. Advancing Military Professionalism in Africa

8263. Bosnia's Future

8264. IFES 2013 Annual Report

8265. India and Pakistan: The Opportunity Cost of Conflict

8266. Beyond Data Breaches: Global Interconnections of Cyber Risk

8267. The State of Arab Transitions: Hope Resilient Despite Many Unmet Demands

8268. US-Cuba: A New Public Survey Supports Policy Change

8269. Companions in Competitiveness: How France and the United States Can Help Each Other Succeed in the Twenty-first Century

8270. Produced Water: Asset or Waste?

8271. Libya's Faustian Bargains: Breaking the Appeasement Cycle

8272. The Gulf Rising: Defense Industrialization in Saudi Arabia and the UAE

8273. NATO in an Era of Global Competition

8274. Uncertain Energy: The Caribbean's Gamble with Venezuela

8275. All Elements of National Power: Moving Toward a New Interagency Balance for US Global Engagement

8276. The Political Economy of Bad Data: Evidence from African Survey Administrative Statistics

8277. Too Close for Comfort Cases of Near Nuclear Use and Options for Policy

8278. Trade policy issues in the Wider Europe – that led to war and not yet to peace

8279. ECB Policy and Eurozone Fragility: Was De Grauwe Right?

8280. Trade Hallucination: Risks of Trade Facilitation and Suggestions for Implementation

8281. India 2014: Return of the One-Party Dominant System

8282. The Southern Gas Corridor: Europe's Lifeline?

8283. Regime Change, Democracy, and Growth

8284. Labor Market Slack in the United Kingdom

8285. Explaining the Trajectory of Golkar's Splinters in Post-Suharto Indonesia

8286. Old Scores and New Grudges: Evolving Sino-Japanese Tensions

8287. The Transparency Rules and Transparency Convention: A good start and model for broader reform in investor-state arbitration

8288. The Scottish Doughnut: A safe and just operating space for Scotland

8289. Climate and Environmental Change: Views from Life in a Time of Food Price Volatility

8290. Inequality in South Africa: A two part document on the current understanding and dimensions of inequality in health, gender and livelihoods

8291. Trade and Innovation in Global Networks-Regional Policy Implications

8292. From the Gulf of Aden to the Gulf of Guinea: A New Maritime Mission for NATO?

8293. NORDEFCO and NATO: "Smart Defence" in the North?

8294. "Resetting" AU-NATO relations: from ad hoc military-technical cooperation to strategic partnership

8295. Semantics Matter NATO, Cyberspace and Future Threats

8296. Risks of Intelligence Pathologies in South Korea

8297. The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham and the "Cleansing" of Deir ez-Zour

8298. ISIS Battle Plan for Baghdad

8299. Iraq Situation Report: August 4, 2014

8300. Iraq Situation Report: July 30, 2014