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8201. Economic Analysis of Duck Production Household Farm Level in the Context of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Subtype H5N1 in the Red River Delta, Vietnam

8202. Policy Implications for Prevention of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Subtype H5N1 in Conjunction with Risk Factors in the Red River Delta, Vietnam

8203. Perceived Risk of Avian Influenza in Poultry Varies with Urbanization in Vietnam

8204. Role of Urbanization, Land-Use Diversity, and Livestock Intensification in Zoonotic Emerging Infectious Diseases

8205. From Catching Up to Forging Ahead? China's Prospects in Semiconductors

8206. Bringing Back the Palestinian Refugee Question

8207. Myanmar: The Politics of Rakhine State

8208. The Cyber Extremism Orbital Pathways Model

8209. Marijuana Policy in Colorado

8210. Review of Greenlight Pinellas

8211. The Role of Mortgage Finance in Financial (In)Stability

8212. Nigeria's Dangerous 2015 Elections: Limiting the Violence

8213. A Coup Ordained? Thailand's Prospects for Stability

8214. The Future of Big Business in the New Egypt

8215. Understanding Differences in Growth Performance in Latin America and Developing Countries between the Asian and Global Financial Crises

8216. U.S. Policy to Counter Nigeria's Boko Haram

8217. The Rising Terrorist Threat in Tanzania: Domestic Islamist Militancy and Regional Threats

8218. Strategy and Force Planning in a Time of Austerity

8219. Targeted Killing of Terrorists

8220. Local accountability in Mozambique

8221. Disclosure-based Governance for Climate Engineering Research

8222. Comments on the September 29, 2014 FSB Consultative Document, "Cross-Border Recognition of Resolution Action"

8223. Legal Mechanisms for Governing the Transition of Key Domain Name Functions to the Global Multi-stakeholder Community

8224. United Nations Peace Building in Sierra Leone —Toward Vertical Integration?

8225. The Environmental Risk Disclosure Regime: Navigating Complexity in Global Financial Markets

8226. The State-owned Enterprises Issue in China's Prospective Trade Negotiations

8227. China in the G20 Summitry: Review and Decision-making Process

8228. China and Sovereign Debt Restructuring

8229. The Role of International Trade in the Rise of the New Zealand Dairy Industry from Its Beginnings to the Fonterra Era

8230. Equator Principles Reporting: Do Financial Institutions meet their Goals?

8231. China's Goals in the G20: Expectation, Strategy and Agenda

8232. Crisis Management Mechanisms: Pathologies and Pitfalls

8233. Organizational Culture, Learning and Structure in Central Banks: Best Practices and the Case of the Moroccan Central Bank

8234. Reforming the Global Architecture of Financial Regulation: The G20, the IMF and the FSB

8235. African Perspectives on Sovereign Debt Restructuring

8236. Respond and Restrain: Deterrence and Reassurance in Northeast Asia

8237. Korean Unification in a New Era

8238. International Shifts and Their Security Impact on the Gulf: Key Trends and Key Numbers

8239. The Gulf Military Balance Volume III: The Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula

8240. Evolving Threats and Strategic Partnership in the Gulf

8241. Gulf Security, Stability, and Terrorism: Country Rankings

8242. Assessing a Deal or Non-deal with Iran: The Critical Issue of Iran's Progress in Weapons Research, Development, and Production Capability.

8243. Iran's Nuclear Missile Delivery Capability

8244. A Key Update: Afghan Forces on the Edge of Transition: Sharply Contradictory Data on Levels of Violence

8245. Improving Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health in Ghana

8246. Thinking beyond Roadmaps in Somalia

8247. Remaking American Power

8248. Achieving Disaster Resilience in U.S. Communities

8249. Southeast Asia from Scott Circle: Malaysia Steps into Spotlight as ASEAN and East Asia Summit Chair

8250. Underestimating Risk in the Surveillance Debate