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8151. A Democratic Rentier State? Taxation, Aid Dependency, and Political Representation in Benin

8152. Regional Sanctions against Burundi: A Powerful Campaign and Its Unintended Consequences

8153. Pakistan and Afghanistan: International Indicators of Progress

8154. Building Networks of Diplomatic Cooperation

8155. Amphibious Shipping Shortfalls

8156. Chinese Military Modernization and Force Development: Chinese and Outside Perspectives

8157. The Struggle for the Levant: Geopolitical Battles and the Quest for Stability

8158. Opportunities in the Development of Pakistan's Private Sector

8159. Repurposing Global Polio Eradication's Tool Kit

8160. Security Transition in Afghanistan

8161. The Civil Transition in Afghanistan: 2014-2016

8162. Losing the "Forgotten War" The U.S. Strategic Vacuum in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Central Asia

8163. Russia's Evolving Arctic Strategy: Drivers, Challenges and New Opportunities

8164. Governance Transfer by the Southern African Development Community (SADC)

8165. Is There a Role for Mobiles to Support Sustainable Agriculture in Africa?

8166. Climate Shocks, Food and Nutrition Security: Evidence from the Young Lives cohort study

8167. The UN Climate Summit's Public–Private Action Announcements: Sorting the promising from the greenwash

8168. A Sign of Things to Come? Examining four major climate-related disasters, 2010–2013, and their impacts on food security

8169. The reverse home market effect in exports: A cross-country study of the extensive margin of exports

8170. Regional Trade Agreements in East Asia

8171. The governance of global value chains for live butterflies

8172. Improving livelihoods through conservation and education

8173. Sustainability Coffee Certification in India

8174. Promoting conservation in India by greening coffee

8175. New trade theory: implications for industrial policy

8176. A Political Economy of Slum Spaces: Mathare Valley

8177. The Governance of Global Wealth Chains

8178. North America Time for a New Focus

8179. Food prices and how people are eating: Views from 'Life in a Time of Food Price Volatility'

8180. Women's Economic Leadership in Asia: A review of WEL programming

8181. Ressourcensegen – Ressourcenfluch? Fallstudie der entwicklungspolitischen Chancen und Risiken des Ressourcenbooms in der Mongolei

8182. Hezbollah in Syria

8183. Iraq's 2014 National Elections

8184. ISIS Governance in Syria

8185. A strategy to defeat the islamic state

8186. Foreign Fighters in Syria

8187. The "Home Game" Counting Violent Extremism within NATO

8188. Five Long-Term Challenges for NATO beyond the Ukraine Crisis

8189. NATO Enlargement and Russia: Die-Hard Myths and Real Dilemmas

8190. Cold War Déjà Vu? NATO, Russia and the Ukraine Crisis

8191. Ukraine's Euromaidan: Questions from the (R)evolution

8192. Does Russia Matter? Purely Political Relations Are Not Enough in Operational Times

8193. Mediating Transition in Yemen: Achievements and Lessons

8194. We Will Stop Here and Go No Further: Syrian University Students and Scholars in Turkey

8195. Afghanistan's Political Transition

8196. Ratings and Regulation: A Case of an Irreversible Marriage?

8197. Problem Discovery as a Collaborative, Creative, and Method-Guided Search for the "Real Problems" as Raw Diamonds of Innovation

8198. Using Special Envoys In High-Stakes Conflict Diplomacy

8199. The UN Security Council and Organized Criminal Activity: Experiments in International Law Enforcement

8200. Distinguishing Acts of War in Cyberspace: Assessment Criteria, Policy Considerations, and Response Implications