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1. The Polish Economy 2023 and Beyond: How to Mend Home Loans

2. A battle against time – and against Putin’s Russia

3. The State of EU-US Digital and Energy Cooperation

4. The Future of the Belt and Road in Europe: How China’s Connectivity Project is Being Reconfigured across the Old Continent – and What It Means for the Euro-Atlantic Alliance

5. Challenges to Transatlantic Digital Infrastructure: An EU Perspective

6. Transatlantic Tech Bridge: Digital Infrastructure and Subsea Cables, a US Perspective

7. Transatlantic Cooperation on Semiconductors: A US Perspective

8. Chips: EU’s Ambition in a Transatlantic Technology Bridge

9. Unemployment and Social Crisis in Tunisia

10. Seeing Tunisia’s Civil Society During Un-civil Times

11. Disentangling Government Responses: How Do We Know When Accountability Work Is Gaining Traction?

12. The Invisible Leverage of the Top 1 Percent: Absentee Debtors and Their Hedge Funds

13. Good Intentions, Better Outcomes: Shifting the Debate About Social Protection and Informality

14. Freedom of Association as a Key Aspect of Human Capital Management

15. The Economy in its Labyrinth: A Structuralist View of the Mexican Economy in the 21st Century

16. IMF Standby Agreements and Inequality: The Role of Informality

17. Dark Spots in the International Commodity Value Chain: The Case of Copper in Zambia

18. Factsheet: Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh (HSS)

19. Factsheet: Alp Services

20. Factsheet: Operation Luxor

21. Factsheet: Narendra Modi

22. Transnational Cooperation -- An Explorative Collection

23. The Role of the Consumer and Systemic Policy Mixes for Circular Business Models in the EU

24. Information Integrity and Information Pollution: Vulnerabilities and Impact on Social Cohesion and Democracy in Mexico

25. Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) and the “Greening” of High-Emitting Industry Sectors in Brazil: Mapping the Sustainability Efforts of the Private Sector

26. Social Contract and Social Cohesion: Synergies and Tensions between Two Related Concepts

27. European Election: Red Alert!

28. A New Security Order for Europe

29. The German 'Schuldenbremse' crisis: a symptom to be taken seriously in Europe

30. Ukraine's European Aspirations

31. The BRICS, a geopolitical challenge overlooked by the European Union

32. The Defence of Europe by Europeans: a myth, a necessity, an ambition, a hope?

33. The various causes of the agricultural crisis in Europe

34. 2024, a European political year - through the eyes of women

35. Some little-known effects of global warming

36. Sino-Russian relations in a geopolitical Europe

37. Has the time come for European defence?

38. Health for the Europeans, who cares?

39. The European Union enlarged from 27 to 36 members? Towards an "Agenda 2030"

40. New European Challenges: the "Schuman" lesson

41. Climate Change, Response, and Mass Atrocities

42. Ensuring Energy Security and Carbon Neutrality: Implications for Korea

43. From tick box to turning point: Getting accountability right for improved humanitarian action

44. Conceptualizing Global Governance of AI

45. The Climate Policy Crisis: Governing Disinformation in the Digital Age

46. Data Disquiet: Concerns about the Governance of Data for Generative AI

47. Machine-Learning Theory and Its Policy Implications

48. Competing Ideas: Canada’s Competition Reform Conversation

49. Breaking Barriers: The Link between Stronger IPRs and Trade in Services

50. European Solar PV Manufacturing: Terminal Decline or Hope for a Rebirth?

51. Xi Jinping’s Visit to France: Stumbling Blocks Pile Up on the Path of Bilateral Cooperation

52. Power and Financial Interdependence

53. The Prospects of Indonesia’s Nickel Boom Amidst a Systemic Challenge from Coal

54. Understanding the Role of Women in Nigeria’s Non-State Armed Groups and Security Architecture

55. South Korea’s Emergence as a Defense Industrial Powerhouse

56. The Future of Nuclear Proliferation after the War in Ukraine

57. India-Russia Relations in Troubled Times: Steady but Stagnating

58. Understanding the Energy Drivers of Turkey’s Foreign Policy

59. Iraq’s Development Road: Geopolitics, Rentierism, and Border Connectivity

60. Tunisia’s Transformation Into a Transit Hub: Illegal Migration and Policy Dilemmas

61. Getting Off the Back Foot: Guiding Principles for a Proactive Western Strategy on Belarus

62. Exploring Law Enforcement Hacking as a Tool Against Transnational Cyber Crime

63. South Africa’s Cyber Strategy Under Ramaphosa: Limited Progress, Low Priority

64. The Buildup to a Crisis: Current Tensions and Future Scenarios for Tunisia

65. Tracing the Roots of China’s AI Regulations

66. What works for working couples? Work arrangements, maternal labour supply, and the division of home production

67. Transitional justice and women’s representation in peacebuilding: Myanmar and the case for Feminist Foreign Policy

68. Climate action: Implications for factor market reallocation

69. Trade policy, industrial policy, and the economic security of the European Union

70. Lessons from China's fiscal policy during the COVID-19 pandemic

71. The effect of lawful crossing on unlawful crossing at the US southwest border

72. Tackling the UK's regional economic inequality: Binding constraints and avenues for policy intervention

73. The El Niño Southern Oscillation and Geopolitical Risk

74. The Evolving Landscape of U.S. Economic Security: The Confluence of Trade, Technology, and National Security

75. Japanese Economic Security as “Derisking”

76. Is Economic Security National Security? Defining South Korea’s Economic Security for Future Industries

77. China’s Perspective on Economic Security

78. South Korea: Caught in the Crosshairs of U.S.−China Competition Over Semiconductors

79. The Raw Materials of Economic Security: South Korea’s Evolving Energy and Critical Minerals Policies in an Era of Disruption

80. Economic Security and U.S.-China Competition: The View from North Korea

81. Emerging public debt challenges in sub-Saharan Africa

82. Institutions and governance in Mozambique :A bird’s eye view based on existing databases

83. Cultivating change: the long-term impact of forced labour in Mozambique

84. What traders know: the (mis)perceptions of formal and informal cross-border traders

85. Watts happening to work? The labour market effects of South Africa’s electricity crisis

86. Labour market inequality in two Asian giants Indonesia and India compared

87. Faraway, so close: the impact of the Russia–Ukraine war on political violence in Asian countries

88. Market power and merger control in South Africa

89. A Vision for Regional – International Partnership for Gaza Rebuilding and Palestinian Economic Leap

90. EU Autonomy, the Brussels Effect, and the Rise of Global Economic Protectionism

91. German Industrial Competitiveness and the Metaverse

92. The EU’s Trillion Dollar Gap in ICT and Cloud Computing Capacities: The Case for a New Approach to Cloud Policy

93. Why Morocco’s Youth Employment Policies Continue to Fail

94. India’s Regulatory Shift: An Examination of Five Agencies of the Post- Liberalisation Era

95. The Implications of Financial Development for Economic Growth in CEMAC

96. Financial Autonomy of Decentralized Local Authorities and Local Development

97. What Synergy of Action in the Fight Against Corruption in Cameroon?

98. The Russian-Ukrainian War: An Opportunity to Strengthen the AfCFTA

99. Entrepreneurship, Youths, and Women Economic Inclusion in Cameroon

100. Universal Basic Income: A Primer for Poverty Reduction in Africa