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1. Who Learns More from Afar? Spatial Empirical Evidence on Manufacturing and Services

2. Assessing Digital Leadership: Is the EU Losing out to the US?

3. Employment Effects of Offshoring, Technological Change and Migration in a Group of Western European Economies: Impact on Different Occupations

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5. Determinants of Functional Specialisation in EU Countries

6. Regulatory Convergence within Technical Barriers to Trade

7. Reshuffling Value Chains - South Korea as a Case Study

8. What Will It Take for Jordan to Grow?

9. The US–Italy Economic Relations in a Divided World

10. FDI Spillover Effects on Innovation Activities of Knowledge-using and Knowledge-creating Firms: Evidence from an Emerging Economy

11. FDI in Azerbaijan in 2021: Developments and Challenges

12. Determinants and Effects of Foreign Direct Investment in Austria: Spillovers to Novel Innovative Environmental Technologies

13. FDI Spillover Effects: Evidence from the Philippines

14. Entry Mode Choice and Performance of Foreign Direct Investment Firms in Emerging Economies: Micro-evidence from Viet Nam

15. Global Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Capital Allocation Strategies Between Impact Ambitions and Measurement Challenges

16. China in Italy: Risk Assessment and Preventive Solutions

17. Economic Sentiment Indicators and Foreign Direct Investment: Empirical Evidence from European Union Countries

18. Interactions Between Global Value Chains and Foreign Direct Investment: A Network Approach

19. Heterogeneous Effects of Non-tariff Measures on Cross-border Investments: Bilateral Firm-level Analysis

20. How do Corporate Taxes affect International Trade?

21. New Productivity Drivers: Revisiting the Role of Digital Capital, FDI and Integration at Aggregate and Sectoral Levels

22. The FDI-led Growth Regimes of the East-Central and South-Eastern European Periphery

23. Cross-border Investments and Uncertainty Firm-level Evidence

24. The Investment Screening Regulation and its screening ground "security or public order": how the WTO law understanding undermines the Regulation's objectives

25. Cooperation Between the United States and Pakistan: What is the Future?

26. Sustainable Energy through Green bonds in India

27. Corporate Tax Revenue and Foreign Direct Investment: Potential Trade-Offs and How to Address Them

28. Could a Bridge between the EU and Latin America Boost Innovation “Sovereignty” in a Multipolar World?

29. Determinants of Korean Outward Foreign Direct Investment: How Do Korean Firms Respond to the Labor Costs of Host Countries?

30. Foreign Direct Investment and Labour Market Dynamics in a Developing Country: Evidence from Indonesian Plant-Level Data

31. Assessment of Industrial Cluster Policies in Viet Nam: The Role of Special Economic Zones in Attracting Foreign Direct Investment

32. Using SDGs to Leverage National Intellectual Property Strategies

33. Implications of Foreign Direct Investment, Capital Formation and its Structure for Global Value Chains

34. Competing with Whom? European Tax Competition, the “Great Fragmentation of the Firm,” and Varieties of FDI Attraction Profiles

35. Can China’s Diplomatic Partnership Strategy Benefit Outward Foreign Direct Investment?

36. Forty Years Development of China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment: Retrospect and the Challenges Ahead

37. How Does Protectionist Trade Policy Interact with FDI?

38. Assessing the Impacts of Chinese Investments in Cambodia: The Case of Preah Sihanoukville Province

39. Trade And Foreign Direct Investment Nexus In West Africa: Does Export Category Matter?

40. China’s Recent Engagement in Latin America and the Caribbean: Current Conditions and Challenges

41. Does Participation in Global Value Chains Increase Productivity? An Analysis of Trade in Value Added Data

42. The Development of U.S.-China Trade and the Result of Conflict

43. Country-Risk Rating of Overseas Investment from China (2018)

44. Financing Energy Access in Sub-Saharan Africa

45. Russia’s National Oil Champion Goes Global

46. Intra-Regional Foreign Direct Investment In SADC: South Africa and Mauritius Outward Foreign Direct Investment

47. Chinese Investment in Critical U.S. Technology: Risks to U.S. Security Interests

48. Writing New Rules for the U.S.-China Investment Relationship

49. Zambia’s Bilateral Investment Treaties Review and Evaluation

50. Costa Rica and the United States: An Enduring Partnership