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1. Reproductive Injustice? A County-Level Analysis of the Impact of Abortion Restrictions on Abortion Rates

2. Federal Reserve Anti-Inflation Policy: Wealth Protection for the 1%?

3. Inflation and Paid Care Services in the U.S.

4. Digital Sovereignty: European Policies, American Dilemmas

5. South Korea and IPEF: Rationale, Objectives and the Implications for Partners and Neighbors

6. How the War in Ukraine is Changing the Space Game

7. Reshuffling Value Chains - South Korea as a Case Study

8. No Water’s Edge: Russia’s Information War and Regime Security

9. Four Contending U.S. Approaches to Multilateralism

10. Integrating Cyber Into Warfighting: Some Early Takeaways From the Ukraine Conflict

11. Industrial policy for electric vehicle supply chains and the US-EU fight over the Inflation Reduction Act

12. US strategy and force posture for an era of nuclear tripolarity

13. The NewSpace market: Capital, control, and commercialization

14. United States–China semiconductor standoff: A supply chain under stress

15. West and China Compete for Tech Influence in Arab Persian Gulf States

16. Building a Coalition - the U.S. Faces Down Competition with China in the Chip Sector

17. U.S. Re-Focuses Arctic Policy-The Consequences for Its Allies

18. Implications of the Incursions into U.S. and Canadian Airspace

19. Northeast Asia Defense Transparency Index 2021–22

20. Mateship Amongst Competition: Recommendations for the U.S.-Australia Alliance

21. Inequality of Opportunity and Income Redistribution

22. Inequality of Opportunity and Income Redistribution

23. South China Sea, East China Sea, and the Emerging US-Japan-Philippines Trilateral

24. ROK-US Alliance: Linchpin for a Free and Open Indo-Pacific

25. The United States & Japan: Allied Against Disinformation

26. US-ASEAN Digital Economy Cooperation

27. Understanding Alignment Decisions in Southeast Asia: A Review of U.S.-China Competition in the Philippines

28. Assessing Digital Leadership: Is the EU Losing out to the US?

29. An Invitation to Belong: Challenging the Systemic Exclusion of Palestinians as Present Absentees

30. Americans on War Powers, Authorization for Use of Military Force and Arms Sales: A National Survey of Registered Voters

31. Trump ended WTO dispute settlement. Trade remedies are needed to fix it.

32. COVID-19 vaccine supply chains and the Defense Production Act

33. Public responses to foreign protectionism: Evidence from the US-China trade war

34. Inter-Korean Reconciliation and the Role of the U.S.: Facilitator or Spoiler?

35. South Korea's Critical Moment in Digital Currency Policymaking: Between Regulating Cryptocurrencies and Launching a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

36. Taxless fiscal states: Lessons from 19th-century America and 21st-century China

37. Palestinian Expectations from The Biden Administration

38. The Role of Non-Pecuniary Considerations: Location Decisions of College Graduates from Low Income Backgrounds

39. The European Banks’ Role in the Financial Crisis of 2007-8: A Critical Assessment

40. The evolving contribution of R&D, advertising and capital expenditures for US-listed firms’ growth in sales, 1979-2018: A quantile regression analysis

41. A US failure in Ukraine Crisis could lead to a conflagration in Middle East, Asia

42. Houthi/Iranian attacks on UAE a response to losses on the Yemen battlefield

43. Will US-Israel ties withstand possible strains due to the Iranian and Palestinian issues?

44. US Policy Towards the Yemeni Conflict Must Change

45. Could Biden construct a new world order through détente with Russia?

46. Breaking Down the Arguments for and against U.S. Antitrust Legislation

47. How Inequality and Polarization Interact: America’s Challenges Through a South African Lens

48. U.S. Strategy and Economic Statecraft: Understanding the Tradeoffs

49. The Digital Silk Road and China’s Influence on Standard Setting

50. Early Warning in the Taiwan Strait