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13. Investigation of Russia's Crimes in Ukraine: A Turning Point for the International Criminal Court?

14. Walking a Fine Line: Turkey’s Mediation between Russia and Ukraine, and Relations with the West

15. The Ukrainian Civil Front – An Interim Assessment

16. Intelligence and the War in Ukraine: The Limited Power of Public Disclosure

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18. The War in Ukraine: The Challenge of Shaping an Endgame

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20. Germany and the Ukraine Crisis: End of the Age of Illusions

21. The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Legal Aspects

22. The Ukraine Crisis: An Interim Analysis

23. Russia-Ukraine: Dangerous Stalemate

24. Mercenary Fighters in Libya and Ukraine: How Social Media Are Exposing the Russian Wagner Group

25. The Ukraine War and the Middle East: The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer

26. Eighth sanctions package: Which side will be the economic loser?

27. The Economic Consequences of Russia-Ukraine War for Azerbaijan

28. Blowback from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

29. Recent UN Votes on Ukraine: What Needs to be Done to Maintain International Unity (Part I)

30. The EU is Reluctantly Getting Tougher with Putin

31. Israel’s Ukraine policy: ‘Right side of history’ vs national interest

32. The Ukraine War: Preparing for the Longer-Term Outcome

33. Radioactive Consequences of a War in Ukraine

34. Present Danger: Nuclear Power Plants in War

35. Arresting Nuclear Adventurism: China, Article VI, and the NPT

36. Mobilizing Against Russia? Some Reflections on the Security Deadlock Called Ukraine

37. The Last Word: Zelensky Wags the Dog, But Slowly

38. Adapting to New Realities: Israel’s foreign policy in post-Netanyahu times

39. The EU–Ukraine Association Agreement after Ukraine’s EU membership application: Still fit for purpose

40. War has returned to Europe: Three reasons why the EU did not see it coming

41. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: Unity is good, but ambition is better

42. EU responses to Ukrainian arrivals – not (yet) a blueprint

43. Applying an intergenerational mindset to European technology investments

44. Breaking Barriers to Women’s Participation in Politics in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine

45. How Its War on Ukraine Killed Russia’s Hydrogen Ambitions

46. The ‘Kosovo Precedent’: Russia’s justification of military interventions and territorial revisions in Georgia and Ukraine

47. What Putin’s War in Ukraine Means for the Future of China-Russia Relations

48. ASEAN: Seeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine through a glass darkly

49. NATO’s Resilience: The first and last line of defence

50. Strategies for Order in a Disorderly World