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1. Porosity of Tajik-Afghan Border Making Beijing’s Involvement in Region More Ominous

2. Social Accountability in Tajikistan: Enchancing Trust Between Communities and Water Service Providers

3. Governance in Tajikistan: Evaluation of the Women Smallholder Farmer Advocacy Campaign

4. The Rahmon Phenomenon: New Challenges for Tajikistan's Long-Standing President

5. Water Pressures in Central Asia

6. Bringing clarity to troubled waters: How Oxfam is facilitating change in water and sanitation management in Tajikistan

7. Central Asia's Crisis of Governance

8. How to get out of Afghanistan: NATO's withdrawal through Central Asia

9. Scaling Up Development Interventions: A Review of UNDP's Country Program in Tajikistan

10. Climate Change Investment through the Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience in Tajikistan

11. Climate change: Beyond coping. Women smallholder farmers in Tajikistan

12. Reaching Tipping Point? Climate change and poverty in Tajikistan

13. From the Ferghana Valley to South Waziristan: The Evolving Threat of Central Asian Jihadists

14. Central Asia: Migrants and the Economic Crisis

15. The limitations of European Union reports on arms exports: the case of Central Asia

16. The multiple paradoxes of the agriculture issue in Central Asia

17. Tajikistan: On the Road to Failure

18. Asset-Based Poverty in Rural Tajikistan: Who Climbs out and Who Falls in?

19. Facing the Terrorist Challenge - Central Asia's Role in Regional and International Co-operation - Study Groups: Regional Stability in Central Asia Security Sector Reform

20. Spatial Inequality and Development in Central Asia

21. Kyrgyzstan: A Small Arms Anomaly in Central Asia?

22. Is Radical Islam Inevitable in Central Asia? Priorities for Engagement

23. Central Asia: A Last Chance for Change

24. Tajikistan: A Roadmap for Development

25. The United States and Russia in Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran

26. Central Asia: Border Disputes and Conflict Potential

27. Afghanistan and Regional Geopolitical Dynamics after 11 September