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1. Democracy and Urban Political Culture in Spanish South America, 1810-1860

2. The Short-Term Labor Market Impact of Venezuelan Immigration in Peru

3. What difference do schools make? A mixed methods study in secondary schools in Peru

4. Building back better after the COVID-19 pandemic

5. Reporte de Recomendaciones de Política: Hacia un Loreto más próspero

6. Reporte de Recomendaciones de Política: Hacia un Loreto más próspero

7. Reporte de Recomendaciones de Política: Hacia un Loreto más próspero

8. Predictors of school dropout across Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam

9. COVID-19 and External Shock: Economic Impacts and Policy Options

10. Multiple Violations of Labor Market Regulations: Patterns in the Peruvian Labor Market and the Impact of Enforcement

11. Reforming Investor-State Arbitration by Recourse to the Domestic Courts of Host States

12. Inflation Targets in Latin America

13. Setting an example? Spillover effects of Peruvian Magnet Schools

14. Hybrid Institutions: Institutionalizing Practices in the Context of Extractive Expansion

15. Unpacking the 2030 Agenda as a Framework for Policymaking

16. Revisiting the determinants of non-farm income in the Peruvian Andes in a context of intraseasonal climate variability and spatially widespread family networks

17. Adaptation to climate change in the tropical mountains? Effects of intraseasonal climate variability on crop diversification strategies in the Peruvian Andes

18. The impact of intimate partner violence on child development in Peru

19. How do Latin American migrants in the U.S. stand on schooling premium? What does it reveal about education quality in their home countries?

20. The Value of Redistribution: Natural Resources and the Formation of Human Capital under Weak Institutions

21. Promoting prenatal health care in poor rural areas through conditional cash transfers: evidence from JUNTOS in Peru

22. Identification as a National Priority: The Unique Case of Peru

23. Understanding teenage fertility, cohabitation, and marriage: the case of Peru

24. SMARTer Indicators for Decent Work in a Post-2015 Development Agenda: A Discussion and a Proposal

25. Climate Shocks, Food and Nutrition Security: Evidence from the Young Lives cohort study

26. Gender and Climate Change in Latin America: An analysis of vulnerability, adaptation and resilience based on household surveys

27. Women's Rights, Indigenous Rights, and Social Cohesion in Latin America

28. Producing Knowledge in the Global South: The Political Economy of Social Science in Argentina, Colombia, and Peru

29. Who Sets the Intellectual Agenda? Foreign Funding and Social Science in Peru

30. The Impact of Taxes and Social Spending on Inequality and Poverty in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru: A Synthesis of Results

31. The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) Negotiations: Overview and Prospects

32. Capital Requirements under Basel III in Latin America: The Cases of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

33. Sexual Violence and Justice in Postconflict Peru

34. Andean-U.S. Dialogue Forum: Toward a Common Agenda for the Andean Countries and the United States

35. Inward FDI in Peru and its policy context

36. Inflationary memory as restrictive factor of the impact of the public expense in the economic growth: lessons from high inflation Latin American countries using an innovative inflationary memory indicator

37. Negotiation on the Ground: Realizing Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in South Africa, Nigeria and Peru

38. Institutionalizing Inequality: The Political Origins of Labor Codes in Latin America

39. Latin American Drugs II- Improving Policy and Reducing Harm

40. No sympathy for Chavez: Venezuela's president in the media

41. Latin America and the Caribbean: Domestic and Transnational Insecurity

42. Merry Sisterhood or Guarded Watchfulness? Cooperation Between the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank

43. Digital Poverty: Concept and Measurement, with an Application to Peru

44. Confronting Colonialism: Maryknoll Catholic Missionaries in Peru and Guatemala, 1943–968

45. Andes 2020: A New Strategy for the Challenges of Colombia and the Region

46. The Cost of Resolving Small Business Conflicts: The Case of Peru

47. Adverse Geography and Differences in Welfare in Peru

48. Paramilitarism, Death Squads, and Government in Latin America

49. La Atomización Partidista en Colombia: el Fenómeno de las Micro-empresas Electorales

50. U.S. Policy in the Andean Region