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4. “Baby Won't You Please Come Home:” Studying Ethnoracial Segregation Trends in New Orleans Pre and Post Hurricane Katrina

5. Operation Condor, The War on Drugs, and Counterinsurgency in the Golden Triangle (1977-1983)

6. Endogenous Growth, Skill Obsolescence and Fiscal Multipliers

7. Building Back Better: A National Jobs Strategy

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9. srael and the Palestinian Issue in the Biden Era

10. Regional Financial Arrangements and the International Monetary Fund: Sustaining Coherence in Global Financial Governance

11. An Effect-Centric Approach to Assessing the Risks of Cyber Attacks Against the Digital Instrumentation and Control Systems at Nuclear Power Plants

12. Effects of US Foreign Assistance on Democracy Building, 1990–2014: An Update

13. China versus the US in the Pandemic Crisis: The State-People Nexus Confronting Systemic Challenges

14. From the Global to the Local: Leveraging International Engagement to Advance Justice at Home

15. A Procurement Path to Equity

16. Why Israelis Like Trump

17. Douglas MacGregor is a friend

18. Syria in the US and Israeli debate on Iran

19. Principled Governance of Shale Resources

20. Testing the Validity of the Single Interrupted Time Series Design

21. Driving Growth and Innovation in the Food Industry: Lessons from the Automobile Industry’s CAFE Standards

22. China in Latin America: Major Impacts and Avenues for Constructive Engagement

23. The Greatest Necessity: National Cohesion

24. Self-Determination and U.S. Choices

25. Settling Kurdish Self-Determination in Northeast Syria

26. Elections, Crisis, and What to Expect in the Year Ahead

27. How Innovative Is Mexico?

28. Preventing Catastrophe in Afghanistan

29. US-Iran Showdown Begins in Iraq

30. Protests in Iran and Trump’s Maximum Pressure Campaign

31. Made in China 2025 as a Challenge in Global Trade Governance: Analysis and Recommendations

32. Rethinking Industrial Policy for the Data-driven Economy

33. Canada Needs Standards to Support Big Data Analytics

34. The EU and China: Modest Signs of Convergence?

35. Cooperation in a Post-Western World: Challenges and future prospects

36. Crowdsourcing Systems and Potential Applications in Nonproliferation

37. Institutionalizing Gender in Emergencies: Case study of Dominican Republic

38. Tourism’s Dirty Secret: The exploitation of hotel housekeepers