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1. Kuwait’s New Government: A Political System in Crisis?

2. Is the Muslim Brotherhood losing Turkey and Qatar in the light of the rapprochement with Egypt?

3. Timebomb at the Port: How Institutional Failure, Political Squabbling and Greed Set the Stage for Blowing up Beirut

4. Protest and State–Society Relations in the Middle East and North Africa

5. Lebanon as a Test Case for the EU’s Logic of Governmentality in Refugee Challenges

6. How Southern Syria Has Been Transformed Into a Regional Powder Keg

7. Playing Politics: International Security Sector Assistance and the Lebanese Military’s Changing Role

8. Two Paths to Dominance: Military Businesses in Turkey and Egypt

9. Turkish experience with refugees returns to Syria

10. Waiting for no one: prospects and consequences of bottom-up reconstruction in Syria

11. Alternative Directions for Israeli Foreign Policy on the Eve of an Election Year

12. The Role of Former Diplomats in Israel’s Public Sphere

13. Public Opinion Findings on Israel’s Foreign Policy towards the Elections

14. Israel’s Foreign Policy towards the September 2019 Elections

15. A Roadmap for Investment Promotion and Export Diversification: The Case for Jordan

16. A Path for Political Change in Lebanon? Lessons and Narratives from the 2018 Elections

17. Anti-Corruption Efforts in Iraq

18. The Civil Transition in Afghanistan: 2014-2016

19. Options for a Political Transition in Syria

20. Yemen's Economic Agenda: Beyond Short-Term Survival

21. The FY2013 Defense Budget, Sequestration, and the Growing Strategy-Reality Gap

22. Sadr's Balancing Act on Maliki

23. Post-Asad Syria: Opportunity or Quagmire?

24. Who's who in the new Egypt? A mapping of prominent actors of change

25. A Decade of Struggling Reform Efforts in Jordan: The Resilience of the Rentier System

26. The Real Results of the Iraqi Election: By July 2010, in Early 2011, or Years Later?

27. The Uncertain Politics behind Iraq's Election: Political Controversies and the Formation of a Viable Government

28. Yemen: state fragility, piety, and the problems with intervention

29. Promise, Peril for Iraq's New Government: Interview with Joost Hiltermann

30. Dashed Hopes: Continuation of the Gaza blockade

31. The Resilience of Authoritarian Rule in Syria under Hafez and Bashar Al-Asad

32. The Limits of Institutional Engineering: Lessons from Iraq

33. Constitutional Court and the Closure of Political Parties in Turkey

34. Special Report No. 216: The Treasury Approach to State-Building and Institution-Strengthening Assistance: Experience in Iraq and Broader Implications

35. "I'm just talking about the law”: Guantánamo and the Lawyers

36. Electing the Lebanese President

37. US public diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific: Opportunities and challenges in a time of transition

38. Requiem for Palestinian Reform: Clear Lessons from a Troubled Record

39. After Gaza

40. After Mecca: Engaging Hamas

41. Seven Months Into the Surge: What Does it Mean For Iraqis?

42. Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Iraq

43. Iraq's New Political Map

44. The Challenge for Hamas - Establishing Transparency and Accountability

45. Dangerous Ambitions: The Challenges of Iran and Hamas

46. Jordan and Its Islamic Movement: The Limits of Inclusion?

47. Islamist Movements and the Democratic Process in the Arab World: Exploring Gray Zones

48. Weak Viability: The Iraqi Federal State and the Constitutional Amendment Process

49. Stretching the Model of "Coalitions of the Willing"

50. Erez Industrial Estate Pilot Study: An Implementation Plan