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1. Rethinking the EU’s Approach to Women’s Rights in Iran

2. Trade sanctions and informal employment

3. Vienna: A return to Ben-Gurion’s WW2 Dual Strategy?

4. The Meeting Between Assad and Khameini: What was on the Table?

5. Latest Killings in Iran May Indicate a Notable Shift in Israeli Strategy

6. The US Defense Establishment’s Role in Shaping American Regional Strategy

7. Israel Caves to Bad Maritime Deal

8. The 2022 protests in Iran

9. Understanding the Russia-Iran-Israel Triangle

10. US Policy Towards the Yemeni Conflict Must Change

11. Islamic Republic or Islamic Monarchy? The Possible Transfer of Power in Iran to the Supreme Leader's Son

12. Difficulties in the Negotiations with Iran: Implications for Israel

13. The Iranian-Russian-Turkish Summit in Tehran

14. Tehran Heightens the Pressure as it Strives to Thwart a Regional Air Defense System

15. The Iranian Nuclear Program Advances, with only a Slim Chance of Restoring Nuclear Agreement

16. Growing Disagreements between President Raisi and his Conservative Rivals

17. Demonstrations in Iran in Protest of the Sharp Rise in Prices of Basic Goods

18. Iraq-Gulf Relations: An Anchor for Stability and Restraining Iranian Involvement in the Region?

19. Stalemate in Talks with Iran on a Return to the Nuclear Agreement

20. The Second Republic of Iran: Is Iran Moving toward a Constitutional Change?

21. Solemeini’s Revenge from Cyberspace: A Blatant Escalation

22. Eden Denied: Environmental Decay, Illicit Activities, and Instability in Iraq’s Southern Border Area

23. Iranian Public Opinion on the War in Ukraine and Nuclear Options

24. Growing Azerbaijani–Central Asian Ties Likely to Trigger Conflicts With Russia and Iran

25. Iran Seeks to Reroute North-South Transport Corridor to Armenia, Away From Azerbaijan

26. Iranian Public Opinion at the Start of the Biden Administration: Report

27. Iran talks are likely going nowhere

28. The time is ripe for an Israeli-Moroccan honeymoon, though it might not last forever

29. Israel, the US, and the Iranian Nuclear project – back to basics

30. The Nuclear Talks in Vienna: Biden’s Legacy at Stake

31. Why is Iran returning to the negotiating table?

32. Iran’s Intimidation of Azerbaijan Must Be Answered

33. Israel Must Actively Oppose US Return to the JCPOA

34. What does the Deraa surrender mean for Iran and Russia in Syria?

35. From Saigon to Kabul: Losing the Battle, Winning the War

36. The Road to Natanz Runs Through Beirut

37. Yemen Offers Clues as to US Regional Strategy and the Abilities of Anti-Iran Forces

38. Iran digs deep in hollowed-out Syria

39. Celebrating Ashura in Syria

40. Can Negotiations and Diplomacy Break the US–Iran Impasse?

41. President Biden Has Five Options for Future Negotiations with Iran

42. Iran in Syria: From Expansion to Entrenchment

43. Hizballah’s Gain, Lebanon’s Pain

44. The Forgotten Crises in the Gulf: Electricity and Water in Iran and Iraq

45. The “Four Plus One”: The Changing Power Politics of the Middle East

46. Strategic Report

47. "The New Levant": Rationales, implications and future trajectories of the cooperation between Jordan, Iraq and Egypt

48. Turkey and Iran: Parallel Islam imperialist ambitions for the Middle East

49. What is Iran’s Real Goal in Nuclear Talks with the US?

50. Ramifications of an American Return to the 2015 Nuclear Agreement

51. Strategic Implications of the Damage at the Natanz Enrichment Facility

52. The Battle for Marib: A Tipping Point of the Civil War in Yemen?

53. No Agreement is Better than Another Bad Agreement with Iran

54. Who Bombed the Saudi Oil Storage Yard at Ras Tanura?

55. Turkish-Iranian Rift: An Opportunity for Israel

56. Iran’s Winged Horse Rocket: Another Step Towards Global Reach

57. Time to Update Israeli Policy Toward Syria

58. Iran Must Not Be Allowed to Win the Nasty War in Yemen

59. Iran Raises the Stakes for Biden

60. Assessing the US strategy in Iraq

61. After Soleimani: Maintain the Pressure on Iran’s Nuclear Project

62. A large amount of noise and smoke

63. The Concept of “Forward Defence”: How Has the Syrian Crisis Shaped the Evolution of Iran’s Military Strategy?

64. US-Russia interactions in Syria and the future of the conflict in 2021

65. Post-Election Iran and Syria: Continuity or Change?

66. Iranian Public Opinion At the Start of the Raisi Administration

67. Structural Shifts and Regional Security: A View from Israel

68. Europe Needs a Regional Strategy on Iran

69. Security Assistance in the Middle East: A Three-Dimensional Chessboard

70. The Transformation of the Iraqi-Syrian Border: From a National to a Regional Frontier

71. Turkey Is Building a Geopolitical Alliance Between Sunni and Shiite Islamists

72. Dealing Preventively with NPT Withdrawal

73. The Impact of Sanctions Imposed by the European Union against Iran on their Bilateral Trade: General versus Targeted Sanctions

74. The Impact of the EAEU-Iran Preferential Trade Agreement

75. Iran’s foreign policy: Buying time until the US presidential elections

76. The Arms Control–Regional Security Nexus in the Middle East

77. Iran’s Revolutionary Influence in South Asia

78. Trump, the Middle East, and North Africa: Just Leave Things to the Proxies?

79. On Iran: Don’t Snap Back, Step Up

80. Iran’s Regional Role in the Arab World and Iranian State-Society Relations

81. Iran's Influence in the Middle East

82. A Feminist Foreign Policy to Deal with Iran? Assessing the EU’s Options

83. How Southern Syria Has Been Transformed Into a Regional Powder Keg

84. Does Asymmetric Nonlinear Approach Explain the Relationship Between Exchange Rate and Trade of Iran?

85. Between War and Peace: A Roadmap for U.S. Policy Toward Iran

86. Iran’s Battered Economy

87. Implications of the Proposed China-Iran deal for India

88. How Do International Sanctions End? Towards a Process-Oriented, Relational, and Signalling Perspective

89. The politicization of Covid-19 in Iran: Domestic and international power play hampers the response

90. Coming out and breaking out: The US, Iran and Europe go nuclear

91. Nuclear Decision-Making in Iran: Implications for US Nonproliferation Efforts

92. The Implications of an Iran Sanctions Snapback

93. Reviving the Dying Giant: Addressing the Political Causes of Water Shortage in the Zayandeh Rud River, Iran

94. Understanding Israel’s War in the ‘Grey Zone’

95. Israel’s Role in Helping the Biden Administration Set Policy Towards Iran

96. Time for an Israeli Peace Initiative

97. Stabilizing forces growing stronger

98. The China-Iran Agreement is not a Strategic Shift

99. Israel Needs to Strike Hezbollah to Ensure its Freedom of Action

100. Qods Day Advances Iran’s Regional Aspirations