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1. Localising the SDGs in India: The Role of Government and Private Training Institutes

2. The Political Economy of India’s Transition to Goods and Services Tax

3. Gender and Work Patterns in Indian Cities: A Socio-Spatial Analysis

4. Learning Equity Requires More than Equality: Learning Goals and Achievement Gaps between the Rich and the Poor in Five Developing Countries

5. Engaging with India’s Electrification Agenda: Powering Assam

6. Infrastructure development in the Northeast: Hydropower, natural resources, legal and institutional frameworks and compliance

7. Inequalities in the Gendered Labour Market: What can be Done?

8. Demystifying the Indian Smart City: An Empirical Reading of the Smart Cities Mission

9. Census Towns in India - Current Patterns and Future Discourses

10. Engines without Drivers: Cities in India’s Growth Story

11. Social Innovation and Higher Education in the BRICS (1): a background overview

12. Social Innovation and Higher Education in the BRICS (2): a multiscalar governance approach with evidence from DESIS Labs

13. On the importance of triangulating datasets to examine Indians on the move

14. The Learning Generation: India’s Education Policy and Its Development Over Time

15. The South China Sea: Beijing’s Challenge to ASEAN and UNCLOS and the Necessity of a New Multi-tiered Approach

16. Mapping Dilutions in a Central Law

17. Exclusion, Informality, and Predation in the Cities of Delhi

18. International Regulatory Cooperation on the Resolution of Financial Institutions: Where Does India Stand?

19. Reorienting U.S. Pakistan Strategy: From Af-Pak to Asia

20. The Indian Ocean Region: A Strategic Net Assessment

21. The Best of Rules and Discretion: A Case for Nominal GDP Targeting in India

22. HIV/AIDS Intervention Packages in Five Countries: A Review of Budget Data

23. Does Lean Capability Building Improve Labor Standards? Evidence from the Nike Supply Chain

24. Dynamics of Inflation "Herding": Decoding India's Inflationary Process

25. Can Producer Associations Make Agriculture Sustainable? Evidence from Farmer Development Centers in India

26. India's Turn in Climate Policy: Assessing the Interplay of Domestic and International Policy Change

27. The Skills They Want: Aspirations of Students in Emerging India

28. Rising Democracies and the Arab Awakening: Implications for Global Democracy and Human Rights

29. The Evolution of India's UID Program: Lessons Learned and Implications for Other Developing Countries

30. Into Africa: Emerging opportunities for business

31. New Approaches to Global Health Cooperation: Perspectives from Brazil

32. The Politics of Contestation in Asia: How Japan and Pakistan Deal with their Rising Neighbors

33. The Post-Washington Consensus: Development after the Crisis

34. Global Brazil and U.S.-Brazil Relations

35. Looking for Help: Will Rising Democracies Become International Democracy Supporters?

36. The Paradox of Proximity: India's approach to fragility in the neighbourhood

37. India's Growth in the 2000s: Four Facts

38. Explaining the Energy Consumption Portfolio in a Cross-Section of Countries: Are the BRICs Different?

39. Social Inclusion in Mumbai: Economics Matters Too

40. Approaches to Fostering Productivity Growth in Brazil, China and India

41. The evolving post-crisis world

42. Globalisation, Domestic Market Integration, and the Regional Disparities of India

43. Hydropolitics in Pakistan's Indus Basin

44. The Political Economy of India's Climate Agenda

45. Capability Traps? The Mechanisms of Persistent Implementation Failure

46. Criss-Crossing Globalization: Uphill Flows of Skill-Intensive Goods and Foreign Direct Investment

47. Can India catch up with China?

48. Tourism in the Developing World

49. Can Global De-Carbonization Inhibit Developing-Country Industrialization?

50. Empowerment of Dalits and Adivasis Role of Education in the Emerging Economy