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151. Sustainable Energy through Green bonds in India

152. A Defence Industrial Agenda for India

153. India and the SCO in the 21st Century

154. Deceleration, Pandemic, Recession: Does India Have a Plan?

155. Educative Interventions to Combat Misinformation: Evidence From a Field Experiment in India

156. State of Urban Poor Rental Housing in India and Emerging Policy trends

157. Can the Revenue Department Remain Urban Agnostic in India?

158. Study of State Finances 2020-21 (Provisional)

159. Comments on the Draft Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2020

160. Comments on the Draft EIA Notification 2020

161. Hunger, COVID-19 and The Indian Administrative State

162. Evaluating Recent Proposals to Reform the Power Sector in India

163. PROPERTY AND SOVEREIGNTY: Creating, Destroying, and Resurrecting Property Rights in British India (1600-1800)

164. A New Horizon for the Korea-India Strategic and Sustainable Partnership under Korea's New Southern Policy

165. Framing an Indo-Pacific Narrative in India-South Korea Ties

166. Pandemic, informality, and vulnerability: Impact of COVID-19 on livelihoods in India

167. The case for NATO’s global partnership with India

168. Predictors of school dropout across Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam

169. Technology and the Future of Work

170. The Just Transition in Energy

171. Parameters for Developing Cross-border Sustainable Infrastructure

172. India’s energy investments: A fresh approach

173. Don’t be rude, don’t be docile! How to manage freedom of manoeuvre in tense bilateral diplomacy

174. Cooperation Between the United States and Pakistan: What is the Future?

175. New Zealand Picks up on the Indo-Pacific

176. The Strategic Imperatives of Modi's Indo-Pacific Ocean Initiative

177. Mongolia's Response to Increasing U.S.-China-Russia Rivalry in Asia

178. Building a Social Security Architecture for Informal Workers in India, Finally!

179. Did Employment Rise or Fall in India between 2011 and 2017? Estimating Absolute Changes in the Workforce

180. Income Distribution and Effective Demand in the Indian Economy

181. Economic Transition, Dualism, and Informality in India: Nature and Patterns of Household-level Transitions

182. Mechanisms of Surplus Appropriation in the Informal Sector: A Case Study of Tribal Migrants in Ahmedabad’s Construction Industry

183. Beyond the Coronavirus: Understanding Crises of Social Reproduction

184. Gender and Work Patterns in Indian Cities: A Socio-Spatial Analysis

185. Delhi Green Deal

186. The Future of India-Israel Arms Trade

187. Cooperation in Trade in Services

188. Fostering Growth in Digital Trade through Bilateral Cooperation in the Development of Trade Rules

189. India-Canada Energy Cooperation

190. Sustainable Energy through Green Bonds in India

191. Cross-Border Data Access for Law Enforcement: What Are India’s Strategic Options?

192. Biological Risks in India: Perspectives and Analysis

193. India in the Indo-Pacific: New Delhi’s Theater of Opportunity

194. The Army in Indian Military Strategy: Rethink Doctrine or Risk Irrelevance

195. Land Title Insurance in India: Lessons from U.S. Regulatory Approaches

196. At a Crossroads? China-India Nuclear Relations After the Border Clash

197. CoronaShock and Socialism

198. One Hundred Years of the Communist Movement in India

199. People’s Polyclinics: The Initiative of the Telugu Communist Movement.

200. The Effects of India’s COVID-19 Lockdown on Critical Non-COVID Health Care and Outcomes